A 16-Year-Old Shelter Dog That No One Wanted Found a Loving Home: A Heartwarming Tale

When Bear, a German shepherd mix who was already 16 years old, was rescued from a shelter, he was suffering from dermatitis. Fortunately, an experienced foster parent took him in to provide the care he needed.

After his adoption, Norman was given a new name and began to recover both physically and emotionally. Despite his hearing impairment, Norman’s new owner humorously mentioned that he was unaware of the change in name.

Taking care of abandoned dogs from a shelter in North Houston is something that brings joy and purpose to her life. She has a particular soft spot for senior dogs and takes pleasure in providing them with a comfortable place to sleep, nourishing food, and plenty of tender loving care. In return, these furry companions give her a renewed sense of appreciation and significance.

The journey of Norman Bear was documented through photographs that showed his progress from being at the shelter to his eventual healing.

Taking care of shelter dogs is a challenging task, but the person in charge of fostering them tries to stay positive and do everything they can. One of the dogs under their care, Norman, has taught them a lot about love. They hope that everyone will have the opportunity to experience the affection of a senior dog like Norman. The person also mentioned that they adore their furry friend, whom they affectionately refer to as Norman/Bear.

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