“A Heartbreaking Tale of an Abandoned Pooch: Stranded on the Streets with Injured Legs and a Starving Tummy”

Numerous stray animals that are wounded and living on the roads come across kind-hearted people who wish to assist them, but often lack the necessary means.

The puppy named Scooter had experienced a severe injury, and despite someone’s efforts to aid him, the treatment was left unfinished due to unknown circumstances.

When she was found wandering the streets of Kolkata, India, she was in a terrible state. Her back legs were bound, rendering her immobile, and one of her many injuries had become infected and was being eaten away by maggots. Kind-hearted individuals who stumbled upon her believed she had been attacked by another canine.

The dog who goes by the name Scooter was carefully transported to a veterinary hospital where she received treatment for two broken hind legs and septic injuries. It took quite some time for this unfortunate pup to fully recuperate.

After undergoing months of treatment, the adorable Scooter was all set to find a loving home. Alexandra Gade gave her consistent care until she decided to hand over Scooter to her new family in Virginia. The lucky pup got a new name, Dobby, and is now a cherished member of her forever family.

Dobby underwent a lot of hardships in her early life when she was homeless, and now she bears the marks of those struggles. If you tell her story, you will be assisting us in paying tribute to the animal champions who took her in, tended to her needs, and finally welcomed her into their family.

Check out the amazing transformation of Dobby in the video provided below.

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