A Heartwarming Tale: From Starvation to Fine Dining – Homeless Canine Finds Loving Home and New Favorite Eateries in LA

A dog who was once homeless is now living his best life, hopping from one of LA’s hottest restaurants to another. Ivy Diep found the stray dog on the streets in 2014 and named him Popeye, due to his skinny and matted appearance. Diep decided to take him home and he quickly fit in with her spouse and other dogs.

On one of their Instagram outings, she decided to bring Popeye along as her companion. The duo enjoys exploring different restaurants and sharing their experiences with their followers. To her surprise, she discovered that Popeye was an excellent dining buddy. He was well-behaved and posed perfectly for their food photos.

No need to fret, Popeye the dog doesn’t actually get to indulge in all the delicious treats showcased in his photos. His owners only feed him food that is safe for canines. Popeye the Foodie Dog is an Instagram account that highlights Popeye’s foodie adventures throughout Los Angeles.

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