A heartwarming tale of rescuing a lovable street pup with unique front legs, highlighting the transformative impact of love and second chances for our furry friends in distress.

Here is the unfortunate story of Dharma, a helpless pup who was discovered by a kind-hearted individual lying on the roadside. The poor thing could barely move, was emaciated, covered in dirt and fleas, and clearly had not eaten for days.

RRSA India came to the rescue of a little puppy who was in a dire situation. His name was Dharma and his fur was covered in fleas and dirt. Fortunately, he was taken to a doctor who determined that he had no fractures. However, it was discovered that Dharma had an issue with one of his limbs. This unfortunate condition prevented him from being able to walk as he couldn’t move his legs. Due to various factors such as trauma, accidents, and heredity, Dharma had to drag his body around. Thanks to RRSA India, Dharma has a chance at a better life.

Dharma needed extended care to fully recover, and as a result, he had to be hospitalized for further medical attention. His disposition was quite gloomy and he seemed to be the unhappiest person due to his circumstances. He cried out in agony continually and initially displayed a fear of water, but eventually grew accustomed to it over time. Despite being a common breed and sporting quite a bit of dirt and sand, Dharma was still deserving of love and attention. Fortunately, he did not have any difficulty getting back on his feet, even though his recovery was in its early stages and he was still experiencing distress and discomfort. At the shelter, Dharma required assistance with feeding.

In addition to receiving daily medication and supplements, he displayed immense courage throughout his treatment. It wasn’t until two weeks after beginning therapy that Dharma was able to stand on his own, all while being cared for in a beautiful sanctuary. Although he wasn’t yet able to walk, Dharma’s condition continued to improve thanks to his consistent therapy sessions, top-notch medical care, and an abundance of compassionate supporters who provided him with a sense of safety and wellness.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all those who have contributed to ensuring his survival and ensuring that he will enjoy a joyous and prolonged existence.

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