A Story of Resilience: The Journey of a Mama Dog Struggling with Labor Complications and the Painful Reality Faced by Abandoned Animals.

Ilovemydogsomuch reported that a mother dog who was expecting puppies was left at the Boone Area Humane Society after being in labor for an entire day.

After going through an unexpected C-section, she encountered two episodes of cardiac arrest. However, the medical team was able to stabilize her in due time. She was given a blood transfusion and closely monitored in the ICU of Iowa State’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

The Boone Area Humane Society posted on their Facebook page that the medical professionals at ISU have informed them that the adorable dog they rescued is a senior and has given birth to several litters in the past. It should have been living her best years, but instead, she was used for breeding purposes and left alone when things got difficult.

It’s a sad story of Mama dog who gave birth to a litter of 21 puppies. However, despite the best efforts of veterinarians, all the puppies have died. Unfortunately, the puppies were underdeveloped and could not receive sufficient nutrition in the womb due to the large number of puppies.

Ruthie, the dog who was rescued from a traumatic situation, is showing signs of improvement every day. She is now able to eat on her own and even goes outside for walks. Although she has been discharged from the hospital, she will still be under the care of her foster family as she continues to recover. However, the Humane Society is facing difficulties in pressing charges against the person who abandoned Ruthie due to the weak animal protection laws in Iowa. Despite this challenge, they are determined to seek justice for Ruthie and other animals in need.

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