A Tale of Heartbreak: A Foster Family’s Decision to Return a Terrified Puppy to the Shelter

Scarlett, an 11-month-old pup at BARC Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas, is rapidly losing hope of regaining her trust in humans. Despite being rescued from death by her foster parents two weeks ago, they have now conceded their inability to support and care for Scarlett due to her extreme terror and detachment.

Scarlet was brought to the shelter on May 10, 2023, after being found as a lost dog. The staff described her as a Labrador retriever mix and estimated her weight at 45 pounds. Initially, she appeared scared and hid in a corner of the shelter, not responding to any attempts to coax her out. She also seemed nervous and jumpy when anyone tried to approach her.

On the 15th of May, the poor dog was scheduled for euthanasia. However, a kindhearted BARC foster stepped up and rescued her just in the nick of time. Scarlett has since returned, but unfortunately, she was not aware that humans could be kind to her. As a result, we require a foster parent who specializes in handling dogs like Scarlett. We need someone who knows how to care for her properly.

It would be great to inform reliable rescue groups, loved ones, and social media connections about her status. Sharing this information can potentially save lives.


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