A Tiny Pooch’s Triumph: Conquering Paralysis in a Remote Community, Rejoicing Upon Meeting Savior

Introducing Tango! This little girl grew up in a small village and unfortunately, she contracted polio. She needs our help and support, so I decided to take her under my care. My main priority is to do everything in my power to make her life better. Although she had a tough time living in her village, I believe that given the right opportunities in Moscow, she will be able to stand up on her own two feet. We have a long journey ahead of us as we head to the clinic for tests, X-rays, and further examinations to find any ways to improve her condition.

The unfortunate news is that Tango cannot walk without assistance. It was devastating to come to terms with the realization that she will live with this disability for the rest of her life. However, we are determined to provide her with the necessary care and resources, including a wheelchair, to help her move around with ease. The situation is heartbreaking, but it inspires us to do better and push harder every day.

Despite her illness, Tango is in good spirits and is eager to explore the world around her. She’s been well-fed and taken care of, and even though she whines at times, she is constantly improving. Just today, she took her first stroll and it was an amazing sight to see. We still have a long road ahead of us, but we’re excited to see Tango progress and grow into the best version of herself.

Tango is on the verge of achieving her dream of running alongside all other dogs. This unique and cheerful little miracle is a one-of-a-kind pup who is known for her kindness, empathy, and affection. It has been suggested that Tango should be provided with a wheelchair to aid in her mobility.
Tango’s caretakers have always been supportive of her and have given her all the love and care she deserves. They have even arranged for a custom wheelchair for her. Despite her physical limitations, Tango is a brave little dog who loves to play just like any other furry companion.

Expressing her gratitude towards all those compassionate individuals who rescued and nursed her back to health, she now cherishes a better life. Her story is a powerful testament to the goodness in humanity and continues to inspire many. Currently residing in a loving home, she is being looked after by her mother for the remainder of her life. With an undying love for life and affection from all around, she urges everyone to keep Tango in their prayers and share her story. Click on the video below to witness her happy ending.

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