A Woman’s Discovery of a Wig on the Road Leads to an Unexpected Revelation

While cruising around Southeast Missouri, a lady behind the wheel caught a glimpse of an object that resembled a wig lying in the middle of the street. Curious and anxious, she decelerated her vehicle and discovered that it wasn’t a wig but a dog. The pooch looked unrecognizable and was barely alive. Luckily, the woman’s intuition kicked in, and she rescued the poor thing just in time.

According to Rochelle Steffen, the Founder of Mac’s Mission, it was understandable that the dog, later named Pear, appeared to the person who found her as a wig or a clump of hair instead of a dog. The finder honked but the dog did not react, prompting her to pick up Pear and seek help. It was fortunate that the woman contacted Mac’s Mission, who took Pear under their care without hesitation. Upon seeing Pear for the first time, Steffen was shocked by her condition.

According to Steffen, the poor creature was in a terrible state – a complete mess. Her fur was so matted that she couldn’t walk or even see properly. To add to this, she had one eye missing. However, despite the severity of her condition, Pear remained calm and cooperative throughout her rescue and triage, which isn’t always the case in such situations. It was evident that Pear was relieved to finally receive help, considering she had been struggling to fend for herself for quite some time. The care she received was well-deserved, and she seemed grateful for it.

Steffen shared that it took them several hours to groom and tidy up the adorable little pet. They trimmed and shaved off all the matted hair, gave her a nice bath, and made sure she was comfortable in her new surroundings. The most surprising thing was that the pet didn’t make any noise or movement at all during the grooming process. It was quite evident that the pet was feeling sad, or perhaps it was overwhelmed with gratitude that somebody was finally showing it some love and care. After the grooming session, the pet snuggled right into Steffen’s arms, laid its head on her lap, and breathed a deep sigh of relief. It’s hard to tell how long the pet had been fending for itself and living on survival mode.

The following day, Pear had an appointment with the veterinarian to attend to her health concerns. It was discovered that she’s already a senior dog and requires extra attention to her condition. However, after a few weeks of medical care, she’ll be all set to find her permanent home.

When Pear was discovered, she didn’t resemble a dog in the slightest. But today, she’s all set to live the life of a pampered pooch. Steffen, her caregiver, stated that Pear has maintained her gentle demeanor and simply desires affection from her humans. This little dog will be an ideal lap companion for someone. Don’t forget to share this piece with your loved ones.

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