Adorably Chubby: Meet 22 Delightful Felines Who Embrace Their Pudgy Appeal Without a Care

We all adore cats, regardless of their size. An online community known as ‘Illegally Big Cats’ has been created on Reddit where cat owners can post pictures of their large felines, amassing over 13k members. However, having an overweight cat is not healthy for them and can lead to several health issues that can shorten their lifespan. It is recommended to switch their food to a diet cat food made for weight loss to help them lose weight without even realizing it. Some cat breeds, like Maine Coons, are naturally big without being overweight. While some chunky cats can lead long and healthy lives, carrying around too much weight can cause a plethora of health problems. Check out Bored Panda’s delightful collection of chubby kitties and let us know your favorite in the comments below!


Introducing you to the one and only Magnas The Great.


“Big Boy Aragon and My Father”


Wow, that feline is massive!


Let’s compare my five-fingered hand to the paw of my polydactyl cat, Chonk!


Wow, look at the size of this feline! It’s massive!


It’s surprising how big Wildcats can get!


8. My oversized furry friend Ajax, who may or may not exceed the legal size limit for dogs.


“Big guy” or “grown-up boy” could be used as alternative phrases to describe a male child who has started to mature and become more independent.


10. Buba – A short and sweet name that can be used for a variety of things, from a pet’s nickname to a fun nickname for a friend. It’s easy to remember and rolls off the tongue nicely.


Am I looking bulky in my winter coat?


12. Unlawfully fluffy


Introducing you to Zach and Marty – it’s hard to tell them apart!


Wow, that’s definitely not within the confines of the law.


Despite his massive size, Jack exudes a certain charm and sophistication.


My delightful lad is growing up so fast!


After many attempts, I finally captured a snapshot of my mom’s large feline.


Looks like we’ll have to invest in a larger cat tree for our furry friend!


As children, we often had friends to play with. These “playmates” were our companions in games and adventures. They were the ones we ran around with outside, built forts with, and shared our toys with. Playmates were a significant part of our childhood memories, and they helped shape who we are today.


Chip is currently experiencing the vast wonders of nature.


Introducing my chubby kitty, who I affectionately call “chonk”! He’s a whopping 25lb, and quite the sight to behold.


One of my favorite companions is my lovable, fluffy rescued pet.


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