Bouncing Kitten Transforms into a Joyful Feline with an Adorable Character

A little feline who had front legs that were bent grew up to be a contented cat with a charming personality. The miniscule kitten was discovered in a barn meant for horses, alongside its sibling. They were infested with fleas and grime and were in dire need of help. A volunteer fosterer named Anna Dickerson-Homan, situated in Michigan, promptly responded to the news and took charge of the situation.

Anna recounted how she made the impulsive decision to open her home to the cats without much thought about their care. She felt a sense of urgency and believed that she was their last resort. Upon the cats’ arrival, Anna observed something unique about the tabby.

The kitten named Lisa looked a bit different due to her front paws being crooked and her stout, tailless body. However, upon further examination, it was discovered that she had multiple congenital conditions such as Manx Syndrome, a paw deformity, Kyphosis, and neurological issues causing her to walk incorrectly. Despite these challenges, Lisa remained playful and happy, bounding around like a little bunny and exploring every corner.

Anna and Steve had taken in Lisa with the intention of fostering her until she was ready for adoption. Lisa is a perfectly healthy cat who enjoys nothing more than engaging in typical feline activities like bird-watching, playing with toys, and snuggling up on laps. The couple’s ultimate goal was to find a loving family who would appreciate Lisa’s unique personality and provide her with the care she deserves.

Foster Dad Steve made things easier for Lisa by constructing a ramp that helped her get on and off the couch. Even though the tabby had bent feet, it didn’t hinder her from being active. She could do everything like running, jumping, and chasing feather toys effortlessly. According to Anna, “Lisa adored cuddling and always wanted to be as close as possible to her humans.”

Lisa has mastered the art of jumping onto our bed and meows in a demanding manner until someone indulges in a game of “blanket hunt” with her. She believes she is quite formidable. At work, Lisa wasted no time in becoming the boss, taking up residence by the computer or on her owner’s lap during office hours. This clever tabby was always ready to lend a “helping” paw whenever it was needed.

Anna and Steve collaborated closely with their veterinarians to guarantee that Lisa received the finest treatment and quality of existence. As a result, the affectionate tabby showered them with cuddles and plenty of her unique kisses. In recent months, Lisa has grown tremendously, transforming into a beautiful young cat with a vivacious personality. Despite her deformed paws, she is incredibly agile and can move at lightning speed.

Lisa is a lively cat who sometimes requires a helping hand due to her bunny-like hops, but she is full of charming idiosyncrasies. She’s known for giving the most affectionate hugs by wrapping her paws around her owners’ legs. Lisa also enjoys lending a paw in the kitchen by perching on Anna’s shoulders and offering her feline expertise.

When in need of some amusement, she loves tuning in to Bird TV from her window. Though her greatest talent is being an affectionate lap cat and expert purr-er, forming a strong connection with her Foster Dad.

Anna and Steve had hoped to find the perfect forever home for Lisa, a charming tabby cat. However, much to their delight, Lisa had already found her happily-ever-after with them. She quickly won over their hearts and became fast friends with the other resident felines. This heartwarming tale was originally shared on

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