“Brave Pup Battles Injury After Dog Attack Leaves Painful Wound on Back”

The Maa Animal Foundation rescue squad got a call not long ago concerning an injured dog that had been attacked by another dog and had a significant wound on its back. The canine was obviously experiencing a lot of discomfort as it wandered around the streets of a small town. As soon as the team received the call, they sprang into action to aid the animal.



Maa Animal Foundation, an Indian-based non-profit, is committed to the betterment of all animals, encompassing strays like dogs and cats. Their unwavering efforts center on providing adequate medical care and attention for these creatures in need.


As the team reached the spot where the dog was last spotted, they started scouring the area for him. However, the wily pooch kept evading and taking cover, making it a challenging task for the team to pinpoint his whereabouts.


After a solid two hours of searching, the squad was able to successfully nab the elusive pup and return him to their clinic for some much-needed TLC.



The team encountered a fearful dog who was not willing to cooperate with them. It seemed like the dog had been traumatized by some kind of attack and was scared that the team would cause him harm. Despite this, the team remained calm and gentle in their approach towards the dog. They patiently worked towards gaining his trust and showing him that they were there to help him.


As soon as the veterinarian started checking on the canine, it became evident that his injury was grave and required immediate attention.


Cleaning the wound of the dog turned out to be quite challenging due to its excruciating pain and fear. Nevertheless, the team managed to do a great job of cleaning the wound. The veterinarian administered injections of pain relief and antibiotics to help the dog. The pain reliever was given to ease the dog’s discomfort, while the antibiotic was intended to prevent any potential infections from occurring.


After receiving treatment, the dog was taken to a safe and cozy place where he could recuperate. The team made sure that he had access to enough water and food to rehydrate properly. Although still apprehensive, the team gave the dog enough space to feel comfortable and gradually gain trust.
As time went on, the dog’s wound healed, and he grew more at ease with the team. They continued to show him love and affection, and he reciprocated by becoming playful and affectionate towards them. The Maa Animal Foundation kept a close eye on the dog’s recovery and provided him with the necessary medical attention, including vaccinations and neutering.
Not content with merely treating the dog, the team worked hard to find him a loving and caring home. Eventually, they found a family who was eager to adopt him and promised to take good care of him.
You can make a difference in the lives of abandoned and neglected animals in your community by donating to local animal shelters. Your contribution can help provide much-needed care and support. Find an animal shelter near you and donate what you can today.


helping these animals have a second chance at life.

The Maa Animal Foundation rescue team showed immense dedication and commitment in assisting a dog in dire need. They went the extra mile to heal his wounds and offer a safe and comfortable environment for recovery. Despite the dog’s initial fear and lack of trust, the team was patient, kind, and persistent in earning his confidence and proving their intentions to help. Thanks to their unwavering efforts, the dog made a full recovery and found a loving family. It’s essential to continue supporting organizations like Maa Animal Foundation, as they play a crucial role in rescuing and rehabilitating animals who deserve a new lease on life.

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