“Contemporary Home Design: Sleek and Compact with a Unique Pitched Roof and Contrasting Whites for a Dynamic Look”

Located in the western region of Portugal, this modern coastal home boasts stunning views of the ria shore in Aveiro. Designed to accommodate multiple generations of a family, it features open and connected living spaces for socializing while also providing private rooms for peaceful seclusion. The architectural firm Atelier Lopes da Costa created a sharp and compact structure with a pitched roof, complemented by contemporary wood cladding and contrasting white render to add dynamism to the solid facade. On the first floor, protruding balconies with clear glass balustrades offer unobstructed views of the tranquil panorama.

The contemporary facade of the coastal residence features expansive floor-to-ceiling windows that invite natural light and stunning views indoors. The property boasts an expansive L-shaped patio where one can enjoy an open-air dining experience or simply lounge in the outdoor living room. Additionally, a small sundeck by the pool features two chaise lounges for ultimate comfort and relaxation.

The dwelling is strategically designed to take advantage of the picturesque coastal scenery and abundant sunlight, with its main orientation towards the south and east. The protruding slanted balconies provide a seamless connection to the breathtaking view, while also integrating with the lower terrace and infinity pool. On the other sides of the structure, the windows are minimal and framed by sleek landscaping, adding a touch of fortress-like appeal to the overall aesthetic.

The use of concrete slabs and extended balconies not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the building, but also provides a practical solution for cooling the interior. Interestingly, the pitched roof design has a hidden gem in the form of a third floor solely dedicated to the youngest members of the family. This is revealed through a clever cutaway in the roof design.

As I step onto the pool patio, I’m greeted by a breathtaking scene of endless blue sky blending seamlessly with the sparkling waters of the pool. While there’s a hint of greenery in the understated garden along the side of the house, it’s the unobstructed view of the outer perimeter that truly draws the eye. This is a place where relaxation and serenity reign supreme, and I can’t help but feel completely at ease amidst such stunning natural beauty.

Having outdoor lights can extend the enjoyment of spending time with loved ones by brightening up the night and creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere for conversations and activities.

The family living room can be seamlessly connected to the patio, outdoor dining area, and pool thanks to the retractable glass doors.

The kitchen has an additional set of glass doors that provide easy access to the outdoor dining area. These doors can be used to conveniently serve food. Adjacent to the patio dining set are glass balustrades which enclose a light well intended for a spacious parking garage located below ground level.

Every bedroom in the house has a balcony with a cozy arrangement of two outdoor chairs and matching coffee tables. These mini outdoor sitting areas provide a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of family life, allowing for some peaceful alone time or an intimate moment for couples.

Nestled away from the pool is a cozy seating area comprised of an outdoor sofa and matching lounge chairs. This is the perfect spot for the whole family to gather and spend quality time together.

The social areas of the family home can be found on the first floor. The main living area boasts modern grey couches with pops of cheerful yellow from the fun scatter cushions. The room is anchored by a set of wooden nesting tables placed at the center of the lively tiled floor. The minimalist decor scheme is enhanced by an industrial touch given by the concrete TV wall, which surrounds the contemporary fireplace and media niche.

A compact couch occupies the space adjacent to a versatile section that houses a tiny game table and storage for toys meant for children. Splashes of orange cushions add a playful touch to the area, separating it from the connecting living room. The sunrays pour in through the glass doors on the southern patio, illuminating the swimming pool.

Custom-built shelving units neatly display a modest collection of books beside a cozy two-person couch, creating a welcoming spot for leisurely reading.

On the opposite end of the ground floor arrangement, you can find the lounge area which is linked to a spacious family dining space adorned with trendy grey seats and a contemporary wooden dining table.

The kitchen and dining area are connected through a spacious entrance with wooden pocket doors.

The spacious kitchen boasts glossy white cabinets that reflect the sunlight streaming through the large windows. A generously-sized island serves as the focal point of the room, housing both the hob and a convenient wine cooler.

On the upper level of the building, there are three suites. While two of them face south, the third one is oriented towards the east. The bedrooms were positioned in a way that maximizes their exposure to sunlight and offers breathtaking views.

The topmost floor of the house is where the kiddos of the family get to have their own personal spaces. They each have their own room and share a bathroom.

In Portugal, it is common to find a bidet in addition to a toilet in every bathroom. This particular design features a sleek gloss white double vanity that perfectly complements the contemporary wall-mounted sanitaryware. The recess behind the vanity also houses a frameless mirror that can be conveniently slid into place.

Another spacious bathroom design features the identical double sink bathroom vanity unit, but this time it is positioned against a backdrop of lovely blue glazed tiles.

The expansive balcony offers a breathtaking view of the dynamic scenery formed by the ria.

The entrance to the premises is located on the western side.

The home is situated in close proximity to the northern side.

When we compare it, the south and east sides of a building are blessed with plenty of windows that provide an abundance of natural light and beautiful views.

The plan for Praia da Barra’s site.

The lower level of the building features a spacious parking area.

The design of the ground floor shows a layout that focuses on creating an enjoyable social atmosphere, complete with a patio and swimming pool to enhance the experience.

The initial level comprises of a spacious master bedroom and two additional double bedroom suites.

A top floor with rooms for the children.

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