“Cuddly Companions Motivate Each Other on the Path to a Cozy Home”

Two adorable cat companions cheer each other on as they hurry towards their comfy home.

brother sister kittens

Abby Meltzer, a foster parent based in Washington D.C., received a message regarding a litter of newborn kittens that were brought into a shelter. These tiny creatures needed immediate attention as they were only a few days old and required bottle-feeding. Abby quickly made her way to the shelter to collect them and found that out of the three kittens, unfortunately, one didn’t make it. However, she noticed something unique about Poki and Appa, the surviving two. They had a distinct way of moving, using their hind legs to propel themselves while their front legs remained still. Despite this challenge, the two siblings stuck together for emotional support, with Poki taking on the role of big brother.

bonded kittens

When they were found, the two newborns were outside and very young. After being rescued, Poki had no trouble adjusting to bottle feeding, but Appa needed help with tube-feeding. Despite their age, Appa showed courage and curiosity by venturing outside of their nest to explore. Although she was the smallest of the litter, Appa’s growth and development were surprisingly advanced.

bonded kittens

The adorable kitties established a heartwarming bond while enjoying nurturing love and care, which helped them gain weight and vitality. Although their front legs were not functional, they showed incredible endurance and attempted to explore their environment by crawling forward with their back legs and bodies. They even tried to move at a faster pace while they were in their enclosure.

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Abby Meltzer, the senior cat in charge, revealed that she had been administering physiotherapy to her litter of kittens on a daily basis. She did this five times a day, and within 10 days, they were able to use their front paws. Over time, their movements became more fluid, but Abby realized that they still struggled with balance compared to other kittens their age.

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Dad, among the litter, turned out to be the most energetic and noisy of the group, even though they were still learning to balance themselves. The kittens were eager to have fun regardless of their wobbly steps. Dad, in particular, had an extensive repertoire of meows that varied from quiet whispers to bold roars like those of a mighty lion. Abby Meltzer shared a video clip showcasing Poki and Dad playing around as she let them wander for a while after feeding time to help them exercise and stretch their legs.

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Once the kittens reached their third week, they were given a new spacious area to play in. They were so happy to have more space to move around and have fun. Even though they were still learning to walk steadily, they cheered each other on and supported one another. The kittens had a blast exploring, wrestling, and indulging in all sorts of playful antics.

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Abby Meltzer shared that the kittens were still wobbly on their paws even after a month had passed. However, she didn’t stop trying to enhance their mobility by encouraging them to move around more and stretching their limbs. She also observed that both felines had the Flat Chested Kitten Syndrome, which indicates that their chest walls were compressed.

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Even though Appa is a tiny feline, she loves to communicate her thoughts and feelings. Though Appa has some minor physical differences, they don’t affect her general health. However, her sibling Poki’s abnormalities are more apparent and need specific care from the veterinary experts.

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Introducing Poki, the cute and lively kitten who is only six weeks old, but already a fearless bundle of energy. This tiny furball fearlessly scales heights, and his impressive talents leave everyone in awe.

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According to Abby Meltzer, Poki is a valiant and bold being. The sibling duo shares a strong connection and relish spending time together. Poki appreciates his sister’s constant encouragement as he commences his journey towards recovery.

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