Desperate Rescue Needed for Emaciated Siberian Husky Forced to Eat Rocks and Twigs to Survive

Mathieu Letourneau and Guillaume Lefevre were driving when they spotted a Siberian husky that they mistook for a coyote, wolf, or a dog. Despite the confusion, the couple decided to stop and check on the animal. According to Letourneau, the husky seemed to have given up and was barely moving. It was clear that the dog was starving and in need of warmth and help.

As Willow sat alone on the side of the road, two kind-hearted men approached her with a surprise offering – a Subway sandwich. The startled pup wasted no time in devouring the unexpected treat right from the stranger’s hand. Letourneau and Lefevre were shocked at the sorry state of the Siberian husky. Her once beautiful fur was now matted with knots, and she was covered in dirt and grime. It was clear that this poor dog had been living outside for far too long.

“Did you see how roughed up she looked?” commented Lefevre.
However, Willow wasn’t a stray dog that had been living on the streets all her life. She belonged to a young university student in his twenties who resided in Coquitlam.

The BC SPCA received a tip from a concerned neighbor who recognized the dog in a media video. Animal cruelty investigators believe that they have sufficient evidence to pursue animal cruelty charges under both the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and the Criminal Code of Canada. The dog, believed to be around 1-2 years old, was found on January 31st and weighed only 15 kilograms, which is significantly less than the average weight of 24 kilograms for a dog of her breed and age.

According to officials from the BC SPCA, the cat rescued by a Good Samaritan named Dean Letourneau had a narrow escape and could have survived only another day if she had not been rescued. However, with proper treatment and support, she is now showing signs of improvement and is expected to recover completely. Eileen Drever, the senior animal protection officer at BC SPCA, stated that when the cat was brought in, she was barely able to stand and was extremely weak. Interestingly, destiny seemed to play a role in this rescue as Letourneau had expressed his desire to adopt a rescue pet to a friend just a few hours before finding Willow, the cat he eventually adopted. Furthermore, the timing and breed of the cat were also perfect for him as he had recently moved to a new place where pets are allowed.

As a matter of fact, I am a huge fan of huskies. Initially, I was searching for a dog that resembled a husky. Currently, Letourneau is in talks with the BC SPCA to take in Willow, but she needs to be nursed back to good health first. Looking back, both of them are thrilled that they were able to help Willow when she needed it the most. Lefevre mentioned that they don’t usually go to the area where they found Willow, as this was only their second time visiting Maple Ridge. “I am happy that we were able to provide her with another opportunity,” Lefevre stated.

Once the adoption process is complete, Letourneau envisions a wonderful life for Willow filled with outdoor adventures like camping, hiking, and trips to the lake. Living in Whistler, he describes the area as a dog’s paradise. The supporters of Willow are optimistic that she will finally experience some happiness after the terrible tragedy she endured. Thankfully, Willow found a loving foster home before ultimately finding her forever home in March.

According to her new owner, Dawn, Willow is thriving in her new home. Dawn is delighted to report that Willow has gained weight and her fur has fully grown back. This is all thanks to the raw diet they have put her on, which has proven to be very effective for her sensitive stomach.

In addition to her physical well-being, Willow is also a sweet and affectionate dog with a beautiful tail. She enjoys spending time with her family, snuggling up with her stuffed animals, and going for leisurely walks. Overall, Willow seems to be living her best life as a bit of a couch potato.

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