Dumped and Abandoned: A Stray Canine Suffers From a Large Neck Wound

This story is about Aqua, a brave dog who endured unspeakable horrors and is now working hard to heal.

The tale of Aqua starts with a heinous act of violence. She was assaulted by other canines, confined in a bag, and unceremoniously left in a distant city. Trapped inside the sack and unable to flee, Aqua’s screams reverberated throughout, an urgent call for assistance that thankfully did not fall on deaf ears. A bystander who heard her cries came to her aid and set her free.

When the kind-hearted passerby stumbled upon Aqua, they were met with a heartbreaking sight. The poor pup had suffered some serious injuries, with deep bite wounds on her neck that looked absolutely gruesome. To make matters worse, she was unable to walk or even stand up on her own. Sensing the urgency of the situation, the compassionate stranger quickly reached out to Manali Strays – a rescue group that specializes in caring for animals in distress.

The Manali Strays crew arrived promptly and took charge of Aqua’s well-being. The veterinary team quickly got to work and provided her with pain-relieving medication to ease her discomfort. Aqua was in a dire state that required multiple weeks of intense medical attention.

After being given intravenous fluids, the woman’s condition seemed to improve. However, upon closer examination, it became clear that there was more going on than had initially been apparent. Aqua’s hair on her back was completely matted and solidified, almost like glue. When the team removed the hair, they found a huge abscess infection lurking just beneath the surface of her skin.

Aqua was in a precarious situation with a festering abscess that could have been fatal. Thanks to quick intervention, she was saved from the infection. Unfortunately, her injuries and the traumatic experience had left her severely weakened and exhausted.

The veterinary team put in their best efforts to clean Aqua’s wound after sedating her. It was a heartbreaking sight to see maggots infesting her flesh and causing deep, infected wounds that rendered some parts of her skin, such as her ear, no longer viable. The team worked diligently to remove all the decaying tissue from the wound with great care.

The following day brought some much-needed relief for Aqua’s caretakers. They were happy to see that she was showing signs of improvement. Aqua had managed to eat a little something all by herself, which was a momentous achievement in her recovery journey. Despite still feeling quite weak and unable to play, Aqua remained resilient in spirit. She continued to persevere, displaying an unwavering determination to survive.

Manali Strays’ staff exhibited unwavering commitment for a month in treating Aqua’s wound with medicine on a daily basis. Their efforts paid off as Aqua’s wound started to diminish, thanks to the team’s dedication and Aqua’s remarkable fortitude. Though Aqua still had a long journey ahead of her, she was gradually recovering her strength. One touching moment saw the team giving Aqua a bath, offering comfort and reassurance that everything would be alright. From a story filled with suffering and mistreatment, Aqua’s story had become one of resilience and optimism.

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