Feline with Distinctly Human-Like Features Cannot Be Unnoticed

Introducing Valkyrie, a sweet little Maine Coon kitten all the way from Russia who has taken the internet by storm with her unique and fascinating human-like face. Her owner, Tatiana Rastorgueva, posted some pictures of her on Instagram, which went viral in no time. People are absolutely smitten with Valkyrie as she appears to have a person’s face, which is quite unusual for a feline. Her facial structure or the intelligent look in her eyes may be the reason behind her remarkable resemblance to a human. We’ve included some adorable snapshots of Valkyrie below, so go ahead and take a peek. And if you can’t get enough of this enigmatic cat, be sure to share your thoughts about her in the comments section.

There seems to be a mischievous entity lurking beneath the fur of a feline.

Hey, check this out! There’s a peculiar feline overflowing with insight.

Gaze upon its frigid countenance…

…and the captivating gaze she had.

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