From a Bite to Bliss: Uncovering the Story of the World’s Ugliest Dog

Every creature has its own charm and distinct characteristics that set it apart from others. Meet Newt, a puppy with a face that resembles that of a “grumpy old man” owing to a large scar he sustained from his mother at birth. Sadly, as a cub, she bit off the upper part of his snout, leaving him with this distinctive appearance.

After his previous owners transferred him to New York Bully Crew shelter in Texas due to the high cost of his medical treatment, Newt was lucky enough to find a new home with Liesl Wildhart. Liesl is the founder of Luvable Dog Rescue and Animal Sanctuary, a safe haven for rescued dogs. The first thing she did upon adopting Newt was to change his name from Brute to Newt, and she took him with her to her home in Eugene, Oregon.

Thanks to social media, Liesl found her beloved dog Newt and immediately decided to adopt him after seeing his pictures and videos on Instagram. As an entrepreneur, Liesl was drawn to Newt’s charming personality and knew she wanted him as her own personal pup. Prior to Newt, Liesl had two other dogs named Picasso and Wacku who lived with her. Newt also has his own Instagram account where his adventures with others can be followed.

Initially, it was a bit challenging for him to adjust to the changes, but now he lives a joyful and contented life with his owner and fellow puppies. Due to a surgical procedure, his appearance somewhat resembles an amphibian, earning him endearing nicknames such as “grumpy old guy” on social media. Despite requiring assistance with his feeding, his owner is always there to lend a helping hand. Liesl, his owner, shared with Metro that she has to hand-feed him as he struggles to put food in his mouth. Additionally, overfeeding him can result in vomiting, hence requiring careful monitoring during meal times.

Newt and his siblings have facial disfigurements, with Wacku losing his snout and Picasso having a deformed face. According to Liesl, Newt was an excellent addition to her family of dogs as he is lively, clever, and respectful to other dogs. Liesl loves dogs like Newt who don’t feel sorry for themselves or focus on their physical limitations. In a recent Instagram post, the “Wonky dogs” visited Starbucks and Newt enjoyed his first Puppuccino, while Picasso and Newt had no problems tolerating whipped cream.

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