From Abandoned to Unrecognizable: The Incredible Transformation of a Little Dog through Love and Care

A year ago, a dog named Theo was left on the streets by his owner. Due to neglect and lack of love, Theo’s appearance changed drastically. Thankfully, Hope for Paws came to his rescue and found him hiding under a vehicle.

Rescuing the dog was not going to be an easy feat as it had trust issues and disliked human touch. Eldad felt uncomfortable using a large leash on such a small dog, but it was necessary. Despite the potential stress involved, the end result would be worth it.

When Theo went back to the hospital, he underwent a thorough checkup and an exceptional transformation that he’ll remember for the rest of his life. As he underwent the makeover, his true expression slowly surfaced and it was simply adorable!

He found a new family through adoption after spending some time in foster care where he was warmly welcomed and became a part of the community. Nowadays, he is living his life to the fullest and enjoying all the privileges that he deserves!

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