“From Struggle to Success: The Inspiring Story of Okun and Vasilisa’s Remarkable Journey”

All creatures have a natural instinct to survive, and they will do whatever it takes to stay alive. This is evident in the story of a three-legged cat named Vasilisa, who was living on the streets. Despite her physical disability, she fought to survive and ended up looking healthy and satisfied.


Just picture how difficult it must have been for a unique animal amidst a group of agile and healthy cats! It was unable to eat like the others and couldn’t run away from dogs in the yard.


Thankfully, Vasilisa was discovered by a kind-hearted girl named Olya who made sure to leave the feline in capable hands.


At present, Vasilisushka is residing with Polina Mavlovilova, who does not consider the feline as unique or different. Despite having only three paws, the cat has adapted to its situation and can move around with ease.


Isn’t the cat amazing? The way she fights to survive is truly commendable. We should appreciate her for it. And while we’re at it, why don’t we treat her to something delicious to eat?


One day, Perch crossed paths with Maria Zaritovskaya. The tiny feline was spotted by her friend’s colleagues on the street and it was clear that he couldn’t survive without a mother. Despite this, Perch showed resilience and fought for every moment of his life. The girls brought him to work but no one seemed willing to adopt him. Mashina’s friend already had a sick cat at home, so it was Maria who stepped up to take care of the little one. And so, Perch found a new home with Maria.


The girl had the idea to take care of the little kitten for a while and eventually adopt it. Masha diligently tended to the newborn feline, feeding it every three hours as its eyes were still closed and umbilical cord attached.


As the girl tended to the pet, providing nourishment and warmth with bottles placed nearby, she developed a bond with the little one. Maria ultimately made the decision to adopt him, adding him as the fifth member of her feline family.


Oh look, there are now five ponytails parading around the Machine’s flat! Interestingly, the girl has chosen to name her cat Perch, but her mother isn’t keen on the peculiar moniker and refers to the feline as Shustrik.



Enduring seemed like an insurmountable task for our animal protagonists, but they emerged victorious! In the end, it all boiled down to one thing: perseverance. Never giving up was the key to their success.


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