“From Trapped to Triumph: The Miraculous Recovery of a Dog who Survived 5 Days in a Well without Food”

Numerous parts of India’s remote regions lack proper infrastructure, which not only poses a threat to the villagers but also to animals and young children. These individuals are often vulnerable to safety hazards around their villages. When Animal Aid United visited a remote village in India, they found that a dog had accidentally fallen into a deep well and was unable to climb out to safety. Despite being trapped for five days without food or shelter, the villagers were afraid to rescue the dog due to the steep walls of the well. Luckily, Animal Aid United was contacted to rescue the dog before it was too late.

After being asked for assistance in rescuing a dog that had fallen into a well, the organisation acted quickly and dispatched a crane to retrieve the animal.

During the rescue operation, a kind-hearted volunteer was lowered down into the well with the assistance of a crane. After a little while, the dog was successfully saved from the well. Once the volunteer made sure the dog was safe and secured, they both were lifted out of the well together.

The pooch, feeling cold and famished, was promptly administered medical attention following its liberation.

Fortunately, Sunny has made a speedy recovery and is now joyfully frolicking around just like before!

Observe the rescue of Sunny from the well by Animal Aid United and the locals by viewing the video.

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