“From Unusual to Unique: Picasso the Dog Finds his Forever Home After Months of Catching People’s Attention”

This unfortunate dog was born with a face that’s a bit askew. His nose points downwards and to the right, while his jaw tilts upwards and to the left.

Picasso has a twisted nose and jaw and was dumped at a dog shelter as no one wanted him

Picasso's mouth problem means his teeth dig in to the roof of his mouth so he can't eat very well

Picasso, a delightful ten-month-old puppy, is a blend of corgi and pitbull-terrier. Unfortunately, he has faced challenges in finding his forever home. The problem lies not only with his appearance but also with a deformity that affects his teeth, causing them to protrude into the roof of his mouth and making it difficult for him to eat. Sadly, breeders abandoned him at the Porterville Animal Shelter, a refuge for homeless dogs in California.

Picasso is seen with his brother Pablo, who also needs a home

The pooch was going to be put to sleep before a shelter called Luvable Dog Rescue stepped in to help

Picasso, along with his brother Pablo, faced the grim fate of being put down if they were not placed in a home. Fortunately, Luvable Dog Rescue, a charitable organization dedicated to finding homes for dogs, noticed them and decided to take them in at their shelter in Oregon. Liesl Wilhardt, the executive director of the rescue, asked volunteer Shannon Corbit if they had any unusual-looking or special needs dogs to care for, and Shannon showed her Picasso’s intake photo. Despite his twisted face, which was quite startling, Liesl fell in love with his soft and gentle eyes and decided to take him under their wing.

Picasso is only ten months old and he's being placed with his brother Pablo

Liesl is currently eager to give a home to the two brothers together, as they share an unbreakable bond and separating them would be heartbreaking. With many people already showing interest in adopting them, she hopes to make it happen soon.

Picasso is seen chewing on a stick - he's about to have an operation to sort out his teeth

Picasso is scheduled for a dental procedure to alleviate his tooth trouble in the near future. After it’s done, the plan is for the dogs to relocate to a new home with a loving family.

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