Heartbroken Canine Mom Refuses to Abandon Puppies Who Passed Away During Delivery, Re-excavates Their Burial Site

A heartbreaking clip has surfaced wherein a grief-stricken mother dog can be seen digging up her puppies’ graves and trying to carry them away. The tragic incident took place in Suzhou, Anhui Province, China when the puppies were born with some health issues. According to Mr Qin, who is the owner, two of the puppies succumbed to their problems during childbirth, and their bodies were buried. However, their carcasses were picked up “five or six times.”

The initial clip portrays a dog carrying a deceased puppy in her mouth while the owner consoles her. Eventually, the owner makes an effort to extract the puppy’s body from the dog’s jaws. In the following video, we observe a mother dog licking the remains of two puppies buried in a shallow grave, indicating that she had excavated the soil to access them.

The pooch appears melancholy and teary-eyed, but responds positively to affectionate caresses from its human companion. In the third clip, the dog can be seen walking down a path while clutching one of her deceased puppies in her mouth. As the footage draws to a close, Mr. Qin takes hold of the lifeless puppy and cradles it in his hand.

It is unclear whether any additional puppies made it through the birthing process. Check out the video, but be cautious as it contains distressing visuals. Please share this message with your loved ones.

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