How a Lonely Puppy Found Happiness and Became the Most Joyful Boy in the World

Upon discovering Bongo, we were alarmed by his small size and severe injuries. His back leg had completely lost its skin, and his body was punctured in many places. Additionally, his body temperature was abnormally high, making it difficult to raise it and fight off infections. Despite his malnourishment and dire condition, Bongo displayed a strong will to live. After undergoing a life-threatening amputation and receiving proper medical care and nutrition, he has made great progress towards healing his wounds. Although he still has some soft bone issues with his legs, we are confident that he will fully recover with continued love and support. We are grateful for the help of everyone who contributed to giving Bongo a better life. Thanks to LightShine Canine: A Rez Dog Rescue and @TheMoho for documenting Bongo’s journey. Watch the video below to learn more about his inspiring story.

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