“Instantly Captivating Canine: Meet the Dog That Will Steal Your Heart”

Adorable Perfection: Meet the Dog with the World's Most Wrinkled Fur, Radiating Unmatched Cuteness. _The dogs

Upon initial inspection, this fluffy bundle resembles a cozy throw rather than a canine. Allow us to introduce Harvey, a 6-month-old Shar Pei pup with velvety fur. His adoring owner, Teresa Moll Arguimbau, hails from the picturesque island of Menorca in Spain.

Harvey, with his distinct appearance, enjoys being pampered from head to toe, with a special focus on maintaining his unique wrinkles through regular moisturizing. According to Arguimbau, Harvey’s wrinkles and skin are admired for their softness and beauty. However, Chloe, Harvey’s mother, has to clean up after him as the water he drinks flows through the wrinkles. To keep Harvey’s fur healthy, Arguimbau has to apply moisturizer twice every day. Shar Pei dogs, originating from the Far East, originally had minimal wrinkles on their skin, but breeders have created new variations over time.

Adorable Perfection: Meet the Dog with the World's Most Wrinkled Fur, Radiating Unmatched Cuteness. _The dogs

Arguimbau frequently posts endearing photos of her family’s beloved canines on various social media platforms, in addition to offering helpful advice and suggestions to fellow pet owners on how best to tend to their furry friends.

Шарпей Харви

According to Arguimbau, he doesn’t anticipate receiving a lot of warmth from his virtual pals; however, he was taken aback when he found out that he was part of a welcoming group. He feels like he’s part of a great family who he can communicate and engage with daily. Being a member of this community has allowed him to gain new knowledge and share his experiences of Harvey’s daily life.

Шарпей Паддингтон фото

Harvey thoroughly enjoys basking under the sun and hitting the seaside, albeit his skin is quite sensitive to UV rays.

Шарпей Паддингтон Инстаграм

People on the internet are drawn to Harvey’s photographs, and he’s a bit of a celebrity on the small island where he resides. According to Arguimbau, who takes care of Harvey, everyone knows him well. Though Harvey has two siblings named Dona and Louis, they’ve moved out to new places. When Harvey was little, he had issues with his eyesight, which required visits to the vet and treatment to fix.

Шарпей Паддингтон Инстаграм


According to Arguimbau, the Shar Pei puppy named Harvey had vision problems which his siblings, Dona and Louis, did not have. Despite having more wrinkles than his siblings, Harvey’s eye condition improved over time with regular vet visits, treatment, antibiotics, and ointment. Although one of his eyes still has clarity issues, Harvey is a one-of-a-kind and charming pup with soft skin and noticeable wrinkles that grab attention both in person and online. Arguimbau provides excellent care for Harvey and shares her expertise and personal experiences with other pet owners.

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