Introducing Ollie: The Feline Gentleman with a Captivating Persona

Are you familiar with Polite Cat? He’s also known as He Looks Very Polite, and is an image of a cat named Ollie who’s looking straight at the camera with a “polite” expression. Originally, this meme was posted on 9GAG, a website dedicated to humor, back in June 2018. The image came from a mock text message conversation between a landlord and a renter. The landlord initially stated that pets were not allowed, but changed their mind after seeing a picture of the renter’s pet, describing the animal as polite.
This image has become incredibly popular, with videos and countless Facebook and Instagram posts dedicated to it. Fans have even painted Polite Cat on entire walls! It’s easy to see why people love Ollie – he’s polite, adorable, and a cat. After all, cats are definitely a blessing to this planet. Take a look at some Polite Cat images and videos below!

Here’s a picture showing a simulated text message exchange between a property owner and a tenant.

The internet has propelled the popularity of this image to new heights. It started as just a few obscure memes in YouTube videos but can now be found all over Facebook and Instagram.

In addition to that, Polite Cat has been depicted not only on a sheet of paper but also on an entire wall through the art of painting.

Say cheese to the Ollie camera that captures your best angles and polite face.

Ollie is quite the crowd-pleaser due to his charming demeanor and lovable appearance.

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