Maggie’s Journey to Becoming a Certified Therapy Dog: A Story of Steady Progress and Transformation.

In Lebanon, a canine was found to be five years old. Her injuries included a broken jaw, cut ears, and poked eyes. She was discovered tied up all alone in a cardboard box when she was pregnant.

The non-profit organization Wild at Heart Foundation came across a dog in destitute conditions and rescued her, providing her a new home in Brighton with Kasey, an animal lover.

Maggie is just like any other dog, living a simple life and behaving in a typical dog-like manner. However, Maggie’s owner has noted that the dog experiences some health-related issues. Despite this, Maggie’s owner still believes that the furry friend possesses an extraordinary talent and intelligence.

With her lively and playful nature, she constantly takes charge of her owner. Her resilience and determination never fail to impress, proving that she won’t give up until the end. This amazing pup possesses remarkable courage, strength, and an unbreakable will to survive – a true inspiration to everyone around her.

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