“Meet Wiley: The Adorable Dalmatian With a Heart-Shaped Nose”

The Dalmatian breed stands out for its iconic appearance and rich history. Their existence can be traced back to the 17th century, as depicted in paintings. Dalmatians have gained popularity over time, with their friendly disposition and unique appearance making them beloved as both work and family dogs. Each Dalmatian is unique, like Wiley, who became an internet sensation on Instagram due to the heart-shaped spot on his nose. With over 122k followers, Wiley is adored by his human mom, Lexi Smith, who describes him as a goofy, sassy, and cuddly best friend. Dalmatian litters usually consist of 6 to 9 puppies, born white and developing their spots over time. Lexi met Wiley on St. Patrick’s Day in 2018 when he was born in Oklahoma and now resides with her in Colorado. While pictures don’t do him justice, Wiley’s adorable and lovable personality makes him an unforgettable companion.

Wiley’s nose had a unique heart-shaped spot, but that wasn’t the only reason why Lexi picked him. When she was faced with a difficult decision of choosing one pup out of a litter of 11, with 8 of them being boys, Lexi’s attention was caught by Wiley’s adorable heart-shaped mark. However, she wasn’t fully convinced that it would stay since dalmatian spots tend to change as they grow. Despite this, Lexi chose Wiley because the breeder shared that he loved to sleep, snuggle, and eat – which were all things she enjoyed too.

Cozy and comfortable, like a bug nestled in a warm rug.

Dalmatians are known for their high energy levels, making them a perfect match for those who enjoy the great outdoors. As per Lexi, Wiley is full of personality and charm, surpassing any other dog she has encountered in her experience.

Although Wiley loves to snuggle, he also has a lot of energy due to his Dalmatian breed. Fortunately, according to Lexi, they reside in a location that allows them to take Wiley out and release all of his wild enthusiasm.

The cute and adorable trend of “booping” or “blepping” among pets has become quite popular on social media. It involves the action of a pet poking its nose out or sticking its tongue out, making them look even cuter than they already are. This trend has captivated people’s hearts, leading to numerous photos and videos being shared online of pets booping and blepping. It’s a fun and harmless way to showcase our furry friends’ playful nature and bring smiles to people’s faces.

According to Wiley, being cool may come naturally but being awesome requires effort and dedication. So, let’s strive to be awesome! Don’t forget to hit the like and share buttons!

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