“Nighttime Nanny Cam Surprises: Mother Discovers Company for Baby”

When Kelly De Alba received a notification from her baby cam one night in February 2022, she assumed it was just her baby moving around. However, when she opened the app, she saw that her family’s little black cat, Luna, was snuggled up with her baby, Kallie. The adorable footage showed Luna rubbing all over Kallie while they both gazed at the camera, seemingly pleading with their mom to let them stay together. De Alba shared the video on TikTok, and it quickly went viral, with many people enamored by the sweet relationship between the two. Despite wanting to let them have a sleepover, De Alba had to separate them since Luna wasn’t supposed to be in the crib unless they were there.

Kallie and Luna have been inseparable ever since De Alba brought the feline home from the shelter. It was love at first scent, as Luna immediately gravitated towards Kallie and refused to leave her side. De Alba knew that she couldn’t leave without this special cat.
Although Luna and Kallie share a strong bond, Luna also has a close relationship with her older siblings. Luna enjoys sleeping with them at night, but sometimes sneaks into Kallie’s crib for extra snuggles. Despite being showered with affection, Luna never puts up a fight and happily accepts all the love she receives.

Kelly De Alba shares the heartwarming story of Luna, who has always had a special bond with her baby Kallie. Luna is always by Kallie’s side no matter where they are, and it’s clear that they share a unique bond. Whenever Kallie’s name is mentioned, Luna meows in response, and Kallie lights up with a smile. As Kallie has grown from a baby to a toddler over the past eight months, her bond with Luna has only grown stronger. It’s truly a beautiful relationship between a cat and a child.

Kelly De Alba mentioned that Kallie and Luna are still very close companions who spend most of their day together, engaging in activities like creating messes, snacking, and taking naps. Luna is delighted that Kallie has grown up enough to shower her with a lot of affection. De Alba added that Kallie likes to rub her head against Luna for extended periods, bringing joy to both cats. Although Luna tries to sleep in Kallie’s bed, she usually ends up sleeping with the older cats at night and cuddling with Kallie during the day’s naps. De Alba shared a video of the two felines snuggling on a snow day, which went viral on social media.

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