“Ochre and Dark Green Accents Elevate Home Design to High-End Furniture Status”

These two 1-bedroom apartment designs, created by Simple Form Interiors, are adorned with earthy brown and deep green accent decor that add tonal layers and play with the perception of space. The compact open plan living spaces are divided into distinct areas by bursts of rich color that both zone and define the different sections. The creamy white and cool grey backgrounds help reflect natural light, while the use of wood tone elements adds natural texture to the areas. Moreover, a glass wall double workspace and a cozy glass wall bedroom design make up these amazing interiors that exude a chic, modern edge, elevating them to the high-end of the interiors arena.

This one-bedroom apartment in Moscow, Russia spans 81 square metres and boasts ample natural light. The living area features a modular sofa and a rug in creamy white shades, which lend an airy feel to the space. Meanwhile, the black steel-framed windows add a dramatic touch to the room’s backdrop. Additionally, the apartment includes a glass-walled home workspace for added functionality.

A window-surrounding bookshelf in a deep shade of green has been designed to complement the steel window frame. The shelves have been custom-built, utilizing the height of the room to compensate for the limited wall space.

The cozy combination of the living room and dining room is designed to create different zones using a tonal accent. The dining area is distinguished by a black table that adds a dark touch, while the breakfast nook is shaded by pale grey upholstered bar stools.

The breakfast area looks great with a linear suspension light that hangs perfectly in line with the narrow bar. This addition brings some height to the overall composition, making it look more appealing. The bar itself is attached to a custom-made bookcase unit that surrounds the window, providing a great view outside. Moreover, the unit helps in drawing attention upwards towards the ceiling, giving an impression of a spacious and airy room.

The kitchen features a single wall design, spanning across the back of the space and furnished in a beautiful combination of soft grey and warm wooden hues.

The bookcase in a deep shade of hunter green stretches alongside the kitchen cabinets, providing a striking contrast. To complement the look, tiny side tables and various throw pillows in dark hues are positioned around the living area.

The combination of a well-defined, illuminated TV mounting system and a contemporary television stand results in a sleek and polished appearance.

The television is mounted at an angle on the wall corner of the living room which creates a three-dimensional effect and also adds to the ambiance of the space by providing mood lighting that extends towards the hallway.

The dark flatware seamlessly blends in with the black surface of the table.

Dark accents are scattered throughout the space in the form of black decorative vases.

Bonaldo’s Pil chair, crafted by Alessandro Busana, boasts a cozy and welcoming look with its plush upholstered design.

Bonaldo’s Pil stools are perfect for creating a unified aesthetic. To add a personal touch, we’ve crafted a customized wooden window seat complete with ventilation holes allowing for efficient heat flow.

A translucent glass panel allows natural light to filter into the hallway.

The combination of a white and chrome kitchen faucet creates a striking contrast against the backdrop of a clay-grey countertop. To make the most out of the limited space, using an egg holder is an efficient way to keep things organized.

The contemporary pouf adds a touch of deep green to the cozy entrance of the house.

The sliding obscure glass panels can be used to either display or conceal a double home workspace.

Nestled within a cozy residential complex in Moscow, Russia, lies a charming 65 square metre apartment interior.

In the corner of a vibrant and refreshing living room, an earthy brown accent chair is complemented by an indoor plant that provides a striking green touch.

The focal point of the room is a stunning sofa in a vibrant emerald green hue. The addition of hanging wall shelves creates an intriguing backdrop, while a display of guitars adds unique charm and individuality to the space.

We have made the most of the space between our two big windows by turning it into a TV wall.

The biggest view has been utilized as the perfect location for a dining space.

By using a floating TV stand, you can ensure that your floor is kept uncluttered and spacious.

The kitchen cabinets in a moody shade of grey are perfectly matched with corresponding grey units in the hallway beside it.

The shelf nook at the entrance is brightened up with the cozy glow of warm white LED lights.

Having a bedroom with glass walls can create an illusion of more space in a cramped apartment.

Maximizing bedroom storage is made possible by edge-to-edge wardrobes, which offer sufficient space to store all your belongings.

The bedroom in a serene grey decor scheme merges with the background of the living room, giving more emphasis to the striking lounge furniture pieces.

To create a cozy home office, a hanging shelf has been added to the wall, complementing the decor of the living room area.

The covered balcony is shielded by thick curtains.

The wall in a shade of deep green has a modern wall sconce that illuminates the room with soft light. The light source provides ample reading light to a custom-made bench seat that comes with storage. Additionally, a tray-top table adds a touch of elegance and richness with its burgundy hue.

The bathroom exudes an air of elegance with its blend of dark grey walls and warm wooden accents.

The utilization of vertical wall tiles can bring about an up-to-date feel to the shower wet wall.

The perimeter lighting cascades down the wall tile, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. In addition, the vanity niche is equipped with an illuminated mirror that brings a touch of brightness to the space.

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