Pipsqueak the Dachshund Reunited with Family After COVID-19 Separation

Pipsqueak, a dachshund who travels around the world with her owners Guy and Zoe Eilbeck, has finally been reunited with them after being separated for almost five months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Eilbecks had to leave Pipsqueak in Florida with kind strangers when they returned to their home country of Australia before borders closed and they didn’t have enough time to complete the necessary travel forms for their beloved pet. Pipsqueak returned to Australia on August 11 and is now enjoying lying in the sun and entertaining her family with her antics. Despite taking a 10,000-mile journey to be reunited with her family, Pipsqueak is happily settling back into her life on their yacht, “No Plans Just Options.”

Pipsqueak lived with the Eilbecks on their boat.

Pipsqueak, the beloved pet of the Eilbeck family, was residing with them on their boat. However, when the family had to return to Australia from the US, they left Pip in the care of a trustworthy friend. The family took to social media to help bring their furry friend back home. Before their departure, they left Pip at a bison farm in North Carolina, but since the farm’s owner was already caring for two dogs, Pip had to move on. Fortunately, Ellen Steinberg came to Pip’s rescue and provided her with a loving home from April through July. Meanwhile, the Eilbecks were working tirelessly to complete the necessary paperwork to bring Pip back to Australia. Zoe, the owner of Pip, expressed her gratitude towards Steinberg for her kindness during this tough time. Steinberg provided daily updates on Pip and helped prepare her for the journey back to Australia, as it became clear that returning to the US would not be easy.

Pip enjoys relaxing in the sun.

Pip, the dachshund, loves basking under the warm sun. In July, the Eilbeck family arranged for Pip to take a flight from Los Angeles to Australia. However, they needed someone to accompany Pip to LA. They took to social media to find a volunteer and were able to connect with Melissa Young, who works at a dog rescue foundation. She flew all the way from Charlotte, North Carolina, to LA and made sure that Pip was comfortable under her seat during the entire flight. Pip then boarded a flight to Auckland, Australia, and eventually reached Melbourne, where she spent the mandatory 10-day quarantine period required by the country.

Pip at a hotel in Los Angeles before her flight home.

Prior to picking up their beloved pet Pip from the airport after five months apart, the Eilbeck family was concerned that she would not recognize them. To ensure a memorable reunion, they rubbed their hands with hot dogs, Pip’s favourite treat. Unfortunately, Pip’s journey home encountered some difficulties due to COVID-19-related lockdowns. Although scheduled to fly to Sydney to meet her family in August, Pip was stuck in Melbourne with Zoe’s brother. Thanks to an article in an Australian newspaper, Virgin Australia offered Pip a complimentary flight home. The Eilbecks were relieved when Pip immediately recognized them upon arrival at the airport on August 11th. After travelling a total of about 10,000 miles to get home, Pip is now living on Scotland Island with her “crew” and enjoying her relaxed island lifestyle.

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