“Pomeranian’s Instagram fame challenges size discrimination in dog adoption”

It is truly sad to know that there are people who abandon animals without considering their emotions. It’s hard to fathom how someone could be so heartless as to leave their pets behind. Nevertheless, pets are creatures that will never give up on loving and being loyal to their owners.

Recently, a Pomeranian puppy who was just five months old was abandoned by his breeder because he was considered “too big to be sold”. Fortunately, the little pup was posted on Petfinder.com where a museum curator named Kathy Grayson discovered him. She instantly fell in love with his charming eyes and decided to go on an adventurous journey to pick him up in Tulsa.

When she finally met the puppy, it was love at first sight. The shelter where he was taken care of before she arrived was also saddened to see him go, as they had given him extra special attention and care.

Kathy christened him Bertie and he rose to fame on Instagram with a whopping 93,000 followers. His cute face and positive aura are what make him stand out among the rest. As if that wasn’t enough, Bertie is also an art enthusiast who frequents Kathy’s art gallery. Kathy proudly expresses her admiration for Bertie by calling him a wonderful creature that spreads joy wherever he goes. According to her, social media and the internet have a soft spot for adorable animals, and Bertie serves as an antidote to the negativity that often pervades these platforms.

“I had to create a separate Instagram account for Bert because he was attracting more attention than my art gallery page! While I wanted to showcase my paintings, everyone seemed more interested in seeing Bert. It’s amusing to see how people visit the gallery just to meet Bertie or even bring their furry friends along to say hi!” Kathy exclaimed.

To see more of Bertie’s cute photos, be sure to visit his Instagram profile. We’re thrilled that this sweet pup has found a permanent home where he can experience love and joy with his human family. Share your feedback with us in the comments below.

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