Purring Pal’s Loving Trait: Owner of Expanding Cat Still Gets Cuddles

Meet Tihon, the enormous Maine Coon cat that loves nothing more than snuggling up with his human mom! Despite his size, Tihon is a big softie that craves attention and never likes to be apart from his owner, even following her to the bathroom. His name comes from the Russian word “Tiho”, which means quiet, aptly describing his loving and silent purrs. Tihon’s priority is always to be close to his human mom, patiently waiting at the door every day just to greet her and then jumping straight into her lap for a cuddle. Despite his impressive physique, Tihon takes a back seat to the smaller cat in the house, showing that he’s not interested in power plays and is simply a gentle giant who spreads love around the clock. Check out his Instagram page for more adorable pictures!


My small companion is fond of snuggling with me all the time and feels uneasy when separated from me. He’s like my personal assistant, always following me around.


Tiho is a person who tends to keep to himself. Interestingly, his name, which is of Russian origin, means ‘quiet’. And this is a perfect reflection of his character.


He announces his presence with a soft and loving purr, expressing his desire to always be by my side. It seems like his only mission in life is to remain in close proximity to me.


The kitty, sporting a distinctive characteristic of mismatched eye colors, blue on one side and hazel on the other, eagerly awaits the return of its loving companion, patiently stationed at the doorway.


The moment he lays his eyes on them, he swiftly hops onto their lap for a warm and comfortable cuddle time.


Even though Tihon has an admirable build, he decides to give the reigns to the smaller feline in their home.


Seemingly, the feline has no inclination towards getting involved in domination battles and only aims to express love and care.


This gentle giant never takes a break and performs this duty tirelessly every single day, showing its compassion through its actions.


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