“Rescued Bait Dog Finds Comfort in His Security Blanket After Escaping Fighting Ring”

Introducing Bub, the adorable “cotton blanket boy” with a one-of-a-kind approach to showing his joy. Despite a challenging beginning that left him emotionally closed off, Bub found his forever home almost a year ago. His new owner was committed to helping him feel content and secure, patiently giving him the time and space to gradually open up.

TheDodo’s YouTube video shows how Bub’s owner crate-trained him with a soft pillow and blanket to help alleviate his severe separation anxiety. One morning after being let out of the crate, Bub grabbed his blanket and started parading around the house while snorting like a little pig and wagging his entire body, which became an adorable daily routine. Bub continued this routine whenever his owner would leave the house and return, grabbing whatever was closest to him and proudly showing it off before finally giving it back to his owner.

TheDodo’s YouTube video features Bub and his fellow furry friend Simon, who joined the family a month after Bub. Simon was quick to notice the unique way Bub expresses happiness and decided to mimic him. The two dogs now greet their owner with snorts, wiggles, and by carrying toys in their mouths like innocent little puppies. Despite their potentially intimidating appearance, these two dogs have become a source of joy and happiness for their owner. Their adorable antics make it impossible to have a bad day, whether it’s waking up to their morning routine or being greeted by them after a long day.

The owner of Bub and Simon has become a strong supporter of bully breeds after adopting them. The dogs have brought immense love and joy into their home, and the owner wants to show others that these breeds can make great pets. Check out the adorable video of Bub below and share this heartwarming story with your loved ones.

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