Saved from Loneliness: The Heartwarming Story of a Vulnerable Pup Discovering Refuge in an Unconventional Place

Meet Picasso, a lovable pooch with a unique feature – a jagged nose since birth. He has a one-year-old best friend who faced a tough time as a puppy when his mother attacked him, resulting in the loss of his top jaw.

Picasso and his partner, two dogs with noticeable facial abnormalities, have formed an unbreakable bond filled with love. Liesl Wilhardt, the creator and director of the organization, has uncovered the deep connection between Picasso and amphibians. Despite their facial disfigurement, both pooches find joy in living together on a vast 55-acre land located in Oregon, USA.

Liesl captured a heartwarming moment in 2017 when she took a photo of Picasso, who was mourning the loss of his sibling. It was then that Amphibian, born not long after Picasso, entered his life and the two quickly formed an unbreakable bond. However, Amphibian’s mother had bitten off his upper jaw, and Picasso had a jagged nose from birth, so they both faced daily struggles with their deformities and medical issues. Nevertheless, the duo manages to live a happy life together, as seen in various videos documenting their daily activities such as eating, playing, walking, and especially relishing berries.

Liesl mentioned that Picasso’s ability to survive as a newborn was nothing short of a miracle considering the challenges he would have faced, including struggling to nurse from his mother. Newt has also had his fair share of struggles, although they are not necessarily related to his upper jaw being absent. Picasso and Amphibian both love socializing with humans, so they have developed an outgoing and friendly demeanor, always seeking attention from others. It’s common for people to do a double-take when they see these dogs and then turn back to look at them again, trying to make sense of what they’re seeing.

These furry friends have adapted to their physical boundaries and live pain-free lives. Nothing can stop them from achieving their dreams. Picasso has a soft spot for Newt, the playful pup who loves a good wrestling match. As the years went by, their friendship grew stronger. Picasso is lucky to have two charming and affectionate dogs like Newt and himself.

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