“Snowy Escape: A Tale of Fear and Exhaustion”

NoAnimalBehind reported that a compassionate person came across a helpless dog, unable to move and dragging itself on the snowy ground in fear. Despite being traumatized, the dog still continues to trust humans and only shows fear towards objects resembling bats, such as brooms.

Without delay, he contacted a nearby animal shelter for assistance. They promptly transported the furry creature to a veterinary clinic for a CT scan. As the underlying reason for her inability to move could not be determined through observation alone, a CT scan was deemed necessary.

Her rescuer named her ELLIE. She expressed her love for animals and shared how she was moved by the new paralyzed animal she saved the other day. The rescued animal cried as she hugged and kissed it, which was a touching moment for her. It was the first time that the animal felt love, and it made the rescuer’s passion for animals stronger.

After waiting for five days, the CT scan result finally arrived and it turned out that Ellie’s condition was not caused by a car accident. She was actually hit by a solid object, probably a baseball bat, which caused her spinal cord to compress and led to her paralysis. This also clarifies why she has been afraid of sweeping.

Ellie is currently undergoing treatment for inflammation and will probably require physiotherapy to regain her ability to walk! However, after two weeks, an incredible transformation occurred! Ellie can now walk again and is steadily improving each day in her efforts to regain her mobility!

“We took a leisurely stroll outdoors for about 20 minutes prior to our physiotherapy session, and I must say she did an excellent job!”

Ellie is doing well now and has even started taking some steps. However, she still requires ongoing care including physiotherapy and other treatments.

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