“Surviving the Rails: The Tale of a Resilient Husky Stranded Beneath a Train”

Paws Show got a phone call from a staff member at a train station informing them about a dog in poor health taking shelter under the bridge at the station. The employee mentioned that the pup had been there for an unknown number of days, but possibly three. Despite the distance of over 100 kilometers and a two-hour journey, Paws Show immediately set out to rescue the dog.

The young boy was surrounded by a feeling of sadness. He had been hit by a train. The man who owned the beautiful Husky dog was in a lot of trouble and may not survive. We must do everything we can to save him.
We are on our way to the veterinarian’s office. Despite his pain, he remains a very pleasant man. Now that the incident has occurred, our focus should be on his treatment.

Vova is currently receiving veterinary care and unfortunately, things are not looking good for him. His spine has been fractured and to make matters worse, an intussusception has been detected during an ultrasound. This is a serious condition that can be fatal in many cases. We have affectionately named him Vova and we are very concerned about his condition.

Yesterday was the second day and unfortunately, Bova vomited twice after receiving some distressing news. This caused me to become very anxious and fearful that it may affect the baby’s health. However, after 20 days of physical therapy, he has been able to make progress with three sessions every week. He still requires assistance to get up, but he is slowly regaining his strength and becoming less fragile.

After about three months, the baby became accustomed to using the wheelchair. Although he felt confused during his first try, nothing is more important than being alive, and that is the greatest gift one can receive. The baby can now enjoy a better quality of life, and we are grateful to everyone who helped him along the way. Thank you all!

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