The Feline with a Heartwarming Touch: Spreading Love despite His Physical Limitations.

Today, we’ll be discussing a cat that roamed the streets of Orlando, Florida for quite some time. One day, this feline made its way to a backyard where it caught the attention of the homeowner. Upon closer inspection, the woman realized that something was off about the kitten – it would jump like a rabbit, then suddenly stop.

The homeowner reached out to Jennifer, who is known for founding the Wedgefield Kitty project, for assistance. Jennifer took the kitten to the hospital and discovered that it had radial hypoplasia, a congenital condition that causes underdeveloped bones. As a result, the kitten’s front paws were twisted, making it move by jumping. Unfortunately, that wasn’t all – Hubble (as he came to be known) also had the feline immunodeficiency virus.

Despite these setbacks, Hubble’s rescuers were determined to find him a loving home. However, it wasn’t easy as not many people were interested in adopting a disabled pet. That changed when a woman named Debbie saw pictures of Hubble online and decided to take him in. Today, Hubble is in a loving home with Debbie, who is dedicated to taking care of him.

As soon as the new owner arrived, Hubble expressed his affection by leaping into her embrace.


As it happens, the feline has a fondness not just for humans, but also for other creatures. The little guy gets along swimmingly with tiny kittens, even allowing them to cozy up beside him.

Debbie, being a volunteer, frequently welcomes new pets into her humble abode and endeavors to find them permanent homes. Hubble, on the other hand, exhibits a sense of self-importance by perching near the entrance, cordially receiving the feline guests.


Hubble is content to provide for the children, cleansing them and providing them with its comforting warmth.

This is one incredibly mild-mannered feline that loves showering affection on anyone in its presence.

Felines who cross paths with Hubble don’t perceive the kitty as extraordinary; instead, they sense the affection and tenderness that this remarkable cat has to offer!

MURlyka appears to take on the persona of a nurturing father figure.


According to the owner of Hubble, her feline companion has a deep understanding of the significance of helping other cats. This is likely due to the fact that Hubble was once in need of assistance himself.

The massive feline eyes are filled with an abundance of affection…


May your life be filled with endless joy, dear baby Hubble!

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