“The Heartbreaking Truth Behind the Stray Cat’s Unresponsive Wanderings on the Streets”

On the evening of January 5, 2020, Stella peered out the window of her Sydney apartment and spotted a small black and white kitten sitting on the pavement. Although stray cats were a common sight in the area, Stella began to worry when the kitten remained in the same spot for an extended period. She grew increasingly concerned about the kitten’s safety as darkness set in, the weather turned chilly, and the little cat seemed too young to be alone without its mother. Despite people walking past, the kitten remained unresponsive.

Stella and Jay had a conversation about their worries, and without much thought, they agreed to save the little kitten. They quickly gathered some essentials like water and a towel and dashed outside to the location of the feline. As they neared it, they could see that the cat was not healthy, as there was a discharge coming out of its eyes. Stella offered the kitten some water, and to her amazement, it was elated to drink it. Although it took them a few attempts, they were finally able to catch the kitten which had been playfully hopping around, but soon ran out of energy and eventually surrendered to being taken in by the towel.

After entering their flat, the pair offered the black and white kitten some goat milk to drink and a cozy cardboard box to curl up in. The next day, they brought the tiny feline to the veterinarian for a check-up. The vet discovered that the kitten was a female, around five weeks old, and was experiencing dehydration, malnourishment, anemia, as well as intestinal parasites.

Stella described how the poor creature was severely underweight, weighing less than half of what she should weigh. Her ribs were visible, and her body was covered in fleas that had sucked so much blood that her paws had turned white.

During the check-up, the vet found out that the kitten has a serious upper respiratory infection affecting her eyes. The infection was so severe that her eyes became badly infected. Additionally, the kitten was diagnosed with complete blindness in her right eye. However, it was unclear whether the vision loss was caused by the infection or some form of physical injury.

According to Stella, the kitten appeared to have been left behind by her mother due to her weak condition. As a result, she must have had a difficult time fending for herself as a young kitten without the ability to see or feed until we found her.

Stella and Jay stumbled upon a small tuxedo cat, and despite not intending to own a pet, they chose to take her in and provide her with the care she needed to recover. Stella reflects on the people who previously passed the cat without noticing her plight, and imagines that perhaps the feline was aware of her situation and actively sought out help by waiting for her rescuers to arrive.

Stella and Jay made the decision to adopt the adorable kitten they had found and gave her the name Momo, which means peach in Japanese. Despite the joy of having a new furry family member, Momo was still quite unwell. To ensure that she received the best possible care, Stella and Jay devoted their time and attention to nursing the sweet little kitten back to health.

Stella recalls a time when her young pet had a severe flea problem but was too young to receive medication. To alleviate the discomfort, she would spend hours picking and removing each flea off of her pet’s body while they slept. She even took days off from work to provide comfort and support for her furry companion during the recovery process.

As part of her routine, she made sure to keep Momo’s eyes and face free from discharge and used antibiotic drops to soothe the severe irritation and inflammation. As a result of her consistent care, the kitten’s eyes improved significantly, along with her overall well-being. Even though she is still blind in her right eye, Momo is thriving today.

According to Stella, Momo’s hunting abilities are something we tend to overlook, given that she only has one functioning eye. Nevertheless, Momo is dedicated to practicing these skills every day with her favourite mouse toy, which she takes everywhere. Despite this, Momo enjoys other pastimes such as snuggling with her mom, kneading her blanket, and catching bugs with Stella’s help. Moreover, she loves spending time with Kumo, a stray kitten rescued by Stella and her partner, with whom she likes to cuddle and play wrestle. However, when Kumo first arrived, he needed to be kept in a separate part of the house while he healed and grew, causing great distress to Momo. Stella recalls how Momo would have a meltdown whenever she left her alone to care for Kumo, who required more attention at that time.

Kumo, now known as Momo, holds a special place in Stella’s heart since being rescued. Momo has developed a strong attachment to Stella, following her around the house. While Stella no longer feels anxious when separated from Momo, she considers the black and white feline her firstborn child. Momo’s presence has inspired Stella and Jay to rescue, foster, and find homes for four kittens found on the streets in their neighborhood. Stella believes that all stray cats deserve loving homes, and encourages others to do the same.

In January 2020, Momo was rescued by Stella and Jay, who saved her from a potentially short, painful, and lonely life. Without their intervention, Momo may not even be alive today. Luckily, they not only saved her but also nursed her back to health and helped her become the lively and loving dog she is now. The credit goes to them for making Momo’s life worth living.

Stella shares that her love for her pet is immeasurable as she showers her with affection every day to let her know how much she is loved. Her furry companion reciprocates that love by showing them in many ways how much she cares for them. Stella also mentions that her pet’s chattiness and quirkiness make her laugh every day. She finds comfort in seeing her pet relax when she sleeps, and recognizes that her disability and early life experiences have contributed to shaping her into the beautiful, sweet little soul that she is today.

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