“The Heartwarming Tale of a Feline Surrogate Parent: Teaching Love and Cuddles to an Abandoned Kitten”

Moonglade Rose, an animal rescuer, brought home a new rescue cat named Opie and was unsure how her existing cat, Andy, would react. However, Andy happily welcomed Opie with hugs and kisses, making the new kitten feel at home. Throughout the night, Andy remained by Opie’s side and acted as his big brother by guarding and protecting him. Moonglade and her family were pleasantly surprised by Andy’s reactions and appreciated having a cat that cares for rescue kittens as much as they do. According to Moonglade, Andy has been teaching Opie about important things like using the litter box, hunting and playing, and most importantly, cuddling. Witness the heartwarming bond between Andy and Opie in the photos below.

When Opie arrived, Andy, the household feline, greeted him with an affectionate embrace. It appeared as if he was extending a friendly invitation to his new abode.

Throughout the night, he stayed by Opie’s side and acted as a protective older sibling.

Opie quickly found a sense of belonging with Andy, who became like a brother to him despite not being related by blood.

Prior to Opie’s arrival, Andy would often snuggle with his mother on a regular basis.

Since Opie joined their group, the responsibility of taking care of the little one has fallen on him. He showers the young one with all the attention and care required.

Andy ensures that his furry companion is well-groomed, snuggles with him, and lavishes him with plenty of affection.

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