The Unconventional Beauty of My Feline: A Passionate Defense of My Unique Pet with Sharp Fangs

Meet Miss Raspberry Kittay! This one-year-old Persian cat was found as a stray on the side of the road and is now living a happy life with her owner, Jessica Saldan in New Jersey. What sets Miss Raspberry Kittay apart from other cats is her unusual features that have made her quite popular on Instagram with over 53,000 followers. One look at her and you’ll notice her prominent underbite which makes her appear to have sharp fangs, and her piercing green eyes add to her unique look. Although her appearance may seem intimidating, Jessica assures us that she is a sweetheart who is often misunderstood. Her devoted following always comes to her defense and loves to keep up with her daily adventures on social media.

Persian cat Miss Raspberry Kittay, who was found on the roadside, has her own Instagram page with 53,000 followers, and fans can even buy merchandise with her face on it

Meet Miss Raspberry Kittay, a Persian cat whose fame on Instagram has skyrocketed with over 53,000 followers. She was discovered abandoned by the roadside, and now her fans have access to various merchandise with her adorable face on it. However, despite her lovable appearance, some individuals have made unpleasant remarks about her underbite and grumpy expression. One person even went as far as to label her the most frightening cat on the internet. Jessica, Miss Raspberry Kittay’s loving owner, defends her charming personality and hopes that her story will serve as a lesson to people not to judge others based on their looks. The feline was originally a stray when she was only one year old, and Jessica’s cousin rescued her.

The feline's motto is 'Don't let my underbite fool you, I'm as sweet as they come!' Owner Jessica says while she might face health problems in the future, for now she's 'perfectly fine'

Jessica, the owner of a cat with an underbite, doesn’t let her pet’s physical appearance dictate its personality. She describes her feline as being very affectionate and kind-hearted, despite the potential health concerns that may develop later on. As of now, Jessica’s cat is in great shape and thriving.

'Ras' leaps for a piece of meat in a recent Instagram snap. Owner Jessica says the feline gets more nice comments than nasty ones, and she tries to ignore the online critics

A fresh Instagram snapshot displays ‘Ras’ jumping energetically for a meaty treat. Owner Jessica has shared that the feline is showered with more love than hate on social media, and she makes a conscious effort to brush off any negative remarks from online detractors.

The moggy has become internet famous after owner Jessica rescued her and took her to the vet. Her underbite may be the result of bad breeding, Jessica says

A feline named Ras has taken the internet by storm, thanks to her unique appearance and adorable antics. The cat’s rise to fame began when her rescuer, Jessica, took her to a vet for treatment. Jessica believes that Ras’ underbite is the result of poor breeding. When Jessica’s cousin posted about the cat on Facebook, Jessica and her husband Sean knew they had to adopt her. The couple fell in love with Ras, despite her unkempt appearance and small size. The vet center gave the cat her name, which was inspired by her habit of sticking out her tongue. Ras quickly became a beloved member of the family and responds eagerly to her name.

Despite her terrifying fangs, owner Jessica insists mild-mannered Ras is misunderstood and serves as proof that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover

According to Jessica, who is Ras’ owner, despite Ras having sharp fangs, she is actually a gentle dog who shouldn’t be judged solely on her looks. This is a good reminder for all of us to not jump to conclusions without taking the time to get to know someone or something’s true character.

Miss Raspberry Kittay poses in a Christmas hat. When she was found, she was covered in dirt, matted, and weighed a mere four pounds but she has been restored to good health

Meet Miss Raspberry Kittay, an adorable feline sporting a festive Christmas hat. She was found in a very sorry state, with dirt all over her, tangled matted fur and weighing only four pounds. But with proper care, she has made a full recovery. According to Jessica, the vets who examined her noted that her unique underbite could be due to inbreeding. Although this may cause some difficulties when eating, it doesn’t pose any significant health problems. Jessica thinks Miss Raspberry Kittay’s quirks are charming and loves her just the way she is. It’s possible that her inbreeding could lead to health issues in the future, but for now, she’s doing great.

Ras has become an expert at posing for the camera. Jessica said: 'She got her name because wherever she goes she has her tongue sticking out, so it looks like she is blowing raspberries'

According to Jessica, Ras has helped improve her posing abilities in front of the camera. The furry friend was given this name because it closely resembles the sound of blowing raspberries and also due to Jessica’s habit of sticking her tongue out, just like Ras.

Ras poses in a tutu. Although the underbite does not cause her any health problems, it does sometimes make eating a little more difficult for her

Ras is captured donning a tutu in a picture. Despite having an underbite, Ras is healthy, but occasionally faces difficulty while eating. This revelation will come as great news to the numerous followers of Miss Raspberry Kittay on her Instagram handle @miss-raspberry-kittay. She has garnered a mammoth following ever since her debut on the Cats of Instagram page, and her rising popularity even created a frenzy at the local veterinary clinic. Jessica was taken aback by the vast community of feline enthusiasts on Instagram and decided to share a photo of Ras, which resulted in a flood of friend requests within minutes. It was an overwhelming experience. The family had to rush Ras to the emergency vet six months ago when she accidentally swallowed one of her toys.

'We get far more nice comments than mean ones,' says owner Jessica of Ras' social media. 'I sometimes try and reply, but mostly I don't have the time and I don't care'

Jessica, who manages Ras’ social media accounts, states that they typically receive more positive feedback than negative. Although she occasionally replies to comments, she admits that it’s often difficult for her to find the time or motivation to do so consistently.

Ras, posing in a Santa outfit, has become so famous since her first appearance on Cats of Instagram, she recently caused a stir in the local vet

Ras, the adorable feline who loves to dress up as Santa, has captured the hearts of many since her debut on Cats of Instagram. She recently caused a stir at the local vet’s office when the staff recognized her as the famous Instagram cat and wanted to take some pictures with her. Although some people have given negative feedback, Jessica, Ras’ owner, is not too worried about it. She receives way more positive comments than negative, and responding to every comment would be too time-consuming. When asked about her relationship with Ras, Jessica admits that she feels a special bond with her furry friend, who is like a daughter to her.

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