“This Adorable Dog Becomes a Surrogate Parent to an Orphaned Piglet”

This tiny piglet had lost her family, but a kind-hearted dog named Katjinga stepped in to become her adoptive mother. Katjinga, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, took in the two-week-old pot-bellied pig named Paulinchen and immediately treated her with love and care. Despite being different species, the two formed a special bond as they snuggled together and Katjinga even nursed the piglet. It’s heartwarming to see how these animals can show such love and compassion towards each other.

Roland’s viral social media posts feature endearing images of the couple that have captivated the masses. Among these is a snapshot of Paulinchen attempting to nurse from her considerably sizable parent.

Roland and Edit, a couple from Hoerstel, Germany, have generously opened up their 20-acre pasture to two lovely creatures. The adorable animals are none other than Katjinga and her companion, and they seem to be living happily ever after in the care of Roland and Edit, who have become like adoptive parents to them.

Meet Roland, a real estate developer who stumbled upon a weak and helpless little sow struggling to survive. Unfortunately, her family had abandoned her shortly after birth, leaving her to fend for herself.

Roland reported that there are wild pigs that wander around their land and recently, a female pig gave birth to five piglets in the woods. One day, Roland found a lone piglet named Paulinchen who was quite cold when he held her.

According to Roland, Katjinga took care of the little child as if he was her own son. Roland added that he believed some local foxes might have caught the pig that night, but he decided to bring it home and give it to Katjinga. Since Roland had a litter that was already 10 months old, he thought he could handle the responsibility of caring for the pig.

Roland shared that Katjinga is a remarkable mother figure. When she laid eyes on the little pig, she was smitten and took him in as one of her own without hesitation. She diligently cared for him and even produced milk to nurse the little pig. It was clear that she treated him like her own offspring.

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