“Unbreakable Bond: Rescued Deaf and Blind Canine Duo Finally Find Forever Home Together” – Pawsitively Heartwarming

Krysten Harper, a 30-year-old resident of Alabama in the US, embraced the unique qualities of Little Buddy and Aster Rose, two Australian shepherds who were born with deformities due to careless breeding. Despite their differences, Krysten developed a strong bond with both dogs and holds them dear to her heart.

When it comes to dogs, irresponsible breeding can lead to significant health issues for their offspring. Little Buddy and Aster Rose, two adorable pups who were born blind and deaf, understand this all too well. Unfortunately, both of them were disabled due to the coupling of two merle breeds, which carries a 25% chance of producing a disabled offspring.

The two pups may look like they are twins, but they are not related and only met each other two months ago. It was thanks to their adoptive mother, Krysten Harper, who introduced them to each other and now the pair is inseparable. Krysten expressed her love for them and wouldn’t change a thing about them. Little Buddy, an Australian shepherd, was rescued by Krysten three years prior. Unfortunately, due to his time spent in kennels, he acquired arthritis in his rear legs.

When Krysten brought him home, she faced the challenge of living with a disabled dog. The pup would only sleep in corners or under furniture and often woke up crying in the middle of the night. Krysten described him as a “tiny ball of nerves.” Despite this, he had a charming personality, and I felt like we shared a bond. Krysten already had one deaf dog, but that didn’t stop her from adopting a three-month-old Australian shepherd named Aster Rose two months ago.

Krysten describes Aster as a confident young woman who enjoys making new friends, whether they are human or animal. Even though Aster is blind, she can still locate the sunniest spot in the yard and bask in its warmth. However, living life without sight or hearing presents its challenges. For instance, teaching Aster how to use stairs is not an easy feat. Krysten explains that communication with Aster is key, and they rely on touch cues to interact. Despite the difficulties, Krysten is determined to raise awareness about irresponsible breeding and disabled dogs. She shares pictures of herself and Aster on Instagram, where some people have mistaken Aster’s confidence for depression. But Krysten assures everyone that Aster is a happy and lively pup.

Aster is an irresistible ball of joy who captures the hearts of everyone she meets with her infectious zest for life. It’s important to avoid feeling sorry for blind or deaf dogs, as it only perpetuates the false notion that they are somehow inferior. Little Buddy’s rescuer made it clear to Krysten that he should be treated no differently than any other dog, as his blindness was his normal. By embracing this approach, Krysten and Little Buddy are able to live a full and happy life together, while also inspiring others to consider adopting blind or deaf dogs. Their goal is to promote awareness and acceptance of these amazing animals, and their page serves as a platform to achieve that aim.

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