Unconventional Rescue Mission: Saving Wounded Black Kittens and Giving Them a Chance at a Brighter Future

Introducing Tia and Tamara, our adorable kittens sponsored by Meow Mail for the month! These two lovely felines are part of a group of four black kittens that were saved in an uncommon situation back in October. The state in which they were discovered makes us question whether it was a mere coincidence or not. But we’ll leave the verdict up to you!

Coming to the Rescue
Tia, a poor little thing, was discovered on a remote Arkansas farm when she approached someone with whimpers. Upon hearing the news, Sarah Richardson, a critical care cat rescuer from Community Cats of Central Arkansas, immediately sprang into action. Sadly, Tia had a broken leg and the skin on her paw was peeling off from dragging it around. According to Sarah, the wound was almost septic, and the bone was visible through the injury. Little Tia was rushed for emergency surgery, but unfortunately, malnourishment and underweight issues posed a problem as she could barely move. Sarah was concerned that Tia would be too feeble to handle not only surgery but also the medication required to prevent a septic reaction in her leg. As Sarah put it, “It was evident that no one had ever cared for her. She had spent most of her life hungry, without enough food.”

Sarah found herself facing a new challenge when she got a call about a hurt black kitten, Tamara, just 30 minutes away from where she rescued Tia. Little did she know that Tamara would be an identical twin to Tia in terms of size, age, and weight. However, Tamara’s injury was much more severe, with her right back leg bent so badly that it extended from underneath her stomach all the way to the left side of her body.

Things took a turn for the worse when Sarah discovered that her beloved kitten, Tia, had been infested with six botflies that were deeply embedded in her skin. Sarah was devastated to see Tia in so much pain and unable to even use her litter box. To make matters worse, Tamara, another kitten in Sarah’s care, was also malnourished, dehydrated, and had very little muscle mass. To save both kittens, emergency surgery was required, and Sarah did everything she could to help them gain enough strength to pull through the procedure.

Good news! The operations were a triumph! Tia and Tamara underwent leg amputations and were recuperating well. Sarah noted that the sisters had lovely personalities, particularly when one considers the hardships they have experienced. She could perceive their sense of relief from their expressions.

Tamara and Tia are always purring, but Tamara takes the cake for being extra cuddly. After their surgery, it didn’t take long for them to bounce back. In just three days, the sisters were back on their paws, playing with toys and using the litter box like pros. Tamara’s botfly removal means her recovery will be a bit longer, but she’s taking it all in stride like a true champ.

Sarah fondly remembered the heartwarming moment when Tamara, a half-wild kitten she had rescued, crawled onto her lap and started purring just days after her surgery. It was as if Tamara was expressing her gratitude for being saved from a life of danger and constant vigilance against predators in the area. Sarah couldn’t help but feel overjoyed seeing Tamara transform from a wary feline to a friendly lap cat. As for Tia, she initially showed a feisty attitude but eventually mellowed out and revealed her affectionate side after the surgery. Sarah was grateful to have been given the opportunity to save these precious kittens and witness their remarkable transformation.

Sarah commented that Tia is a hilarious kitten. At the beginning, Tia was quite irritated due to her physical discomfort, but now she happily rolls onto her back for some belly rubs. Tia has developed a fondness for her fish toy which she uses as a pillow after playing with it. These kittens can now live their lives as they should have done from the start and be happy without any worries. Finally, these lovely little girls can relax and feel secure, knowing that they are out of harm’s way.

Assisting Paws Optimistic Souls
With our aid, these animals won’t have to suffer from hunger or fear being attacked by predators.
While the worst is behind them, they still require additional veterinary visits to have their staples removed and undergo reevaluation.
Once they recover completely and attain a healthy weight, they will receive spaying, vaccination, and will be ready for adoption into loving homes.

According to Sarah, these two cats have been providing each other with emotional and physical support during their pre- and post-surgery period. However, they can also function well independently from each other. While it’s not necessary for them to be adopted as a pair, Sarah believes that they would do exceptionally well in a home where there is another feline companion for them to bond with.

A Puzzling Incident
In October, four black cats were discovered in a dire state, and Tia and Tamara were among them. Sarah came to the rescue once more, this time taking in two additional cats named Binx and Maxilla. Oddly enough, both of them had suffered from degloved jaws and were found only a few days apart.

Binx and Maxilla had to undergo emergency surgery as they were unable to eat or drink, which left them feeling famished and vulnerable. This made us ponder whether it was just a matter of chance that all four black kittens were discovered in such critical states in October. Sarah believes that this was no coincidence at all. She thinks that the fact that four black kittens were found in rural areas during October suggests that there was a deliberate act of abuse and neglect.

Throughout history, black cats have been subjected to mistreatment and abuse due to unfounded beliefs and superstitions. This issue is particularly alarming in rural areas of the southern United States where animal cruelty often goes unpunished. To address this problem, two women started a non-profit called Community Cats of Central AR that focuses on rescuing cats from rural communities with high rates of animal cruelty. The organization depends on donations from compassionate individuals to continue saving cats and kittens that have been neglected, abused, or abandoned.

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