Unleash the Opulence: 3 Gorgeous Villa Décor Tips for a Lavish and Chic Aesthetic

Photographer Danang Seta has captured the essence of three modern villas with magnificent sunlit pool terraces that beautifully expand the living space. These villas offer stylish decor and luxury inside, creating tasteful settings for vacation fun. The first villa boasts a landscaped pool area surrounded by lush lawns and boho-style quarters adorned with cosy cushions, jute rugs, and fashionable rattan elements. The second villa design carries a touch of tradition with classical garden sculptures placed around the pool, and a sunken seating area adding a retro twist. Finally, rounding off our trio is an unusual industrial-style villa. With concrete decor building a cool aesthetic and wooden accents creating a welcoming warmth, this villa is a unique and luxurious vacation spot.

Villa Lamut is a delightful vacation residence that spans two levels and boasts a bright swimming pool deck. The sleek pool sits amidst a contemporary landscape layout, which includes vibrant green turfs and exotic foliage that adds a refreshing touch of vibrancy.

During the evening, the pool terrace transforms into a stunning retreat of soft, glowing lights and sparkling water. Beautifully designed uplighters highlight the intricate details of the surrounding greenery, showcasing the natural beauty of the sculpted plants and their sprawling branches.

The terrace is designed with a mix of trimmed lawns, petite decking sections, and curved paths. The differing surfaces add depth and create an appealing visual effect.

The villa boasts expansive glass doors that extend across its entire length. These sleek doors create a seamless flow between the spacious living area and the outdoor living spaces.

By opening the sliding doors, the villa enjoys natural ventilation. This also allows people inside to communicate with those outside who are by the pool.

The swimming pool area has a cozy little deck with two chaise lounge chairs and a lovely parasol that provides shade. During the night, these chairs are an ideal place to have a nice chat while gazing at the stars.

Amidst the landscaped gardens, tall palm trees grow abundantly along the borders. Their towering trunks add a touch of elegance to the overall look of the garden and also serve to break up the monotony of the high boundary wall.

In the cozy living room, a spacious jute rug serves as a unique textured centerpiece for a relaxing sitting spot. The creamy couch is arranged in an L-shape, hugging the perimeter of the rug.

Completing the setup of your living room furniture is a voluptuous lounge chair.

The sitting area is highlighted by an exceptional coffee table with a glass top that draws your attention. Additionally, there is a compact wooden media unit that efficiently holds the TV.

An array of bohemian-inspired throw pillows add a fun touch to the light-colored living room design scheme. Hints of blush pink bring a subtle yet cozy feel to the space.

On a plain white wall, there is a stunning gold mirror that serves as a decorative piece. The indoor plants act as natural embellishments, providing texture, color, and beauty to the area.

There’s a special dining room set located at the back of the couch that can accommodate up to eight people.

The villa is equipped with a separate snug area that creates a warm and comfortable environment perfect for movie nights.

The master bedroom is filled with an abundance of natural light and complemented by charming boho-inspired decor. A circular mat adorned with a subtle jute design adds texture to the flooring, while a bedspread adorned with tassels provides a laid-back feel.

In the initial washroom, a shower area with an open design is brimming with natural light that streams in through a huge window reaching from the floor to the ceiling.

The second bathroom is blessed with ample sunlight thanks to a strategically placed skylight.

Our next indulgent vacation rental is the Green Villa, situated just a short walk away from Jimbaran Beach. The highlight of this stunning property is undoubtedly its striking blue swimming pool that takes up a significant portion of the outdoor space. A slim terrace runs alongside the pool’s edge, and the serene water reflects the classical garden statues placed around it.

Towards the finish of the extensive pool design lies a cozy garden space, featuring petite trees and vibrant blossoms.

One way to make chatting between the pool and seating areas more convenient is by creating a sunken seating space that allows guests to be at water level. This unique feature can enhance the overall experience for the homeowner and their visitors.

Placed at the heart of the conversation pit, a cozy rattan coffee table is just perfect for holding your drinks and snacks while you socialize.

The design of the villa is such that it encircles the swimming pool in a U-shape. When the sun sets, the interior lights of the villa brighten up the outdoor area, making it look all the more appealing. The swimming pool appears as if it’s an extension of the interior, attracting visitors to take a dip at any given time.

The villa is infused with a refreshing blue hue, evident in the pool tiles, sun loungers, dining room, and kitchen cabinets. The kitchen and dining area are seamlessly combined, with wireframe pendant lights hanging from black anchors above the dining table.

The wall decor in this space is truly eye-catching and draws attention to the casual lounge area. Additionally, the grey couch is accented with blue scatter cushions, which add a pop of color to the overall aesthetic.

The master suite boasts a custom-made vanity table that spans the entire length of the room. There’s also an additional storage space hidden beneath the bench at the foot of the bed.

The entrance to a bathroom is accompanied by two identical wardrobes on each side.

The property boasts of spacious balconies on the second floor that offer a fantastic view of the pool terrace. Additionally, there is a roof terrace that adds to the charm of the place.

The sunken seating area is enhanced by a mezzanine landing above it, resulting in a spacious double-height void.

On the balcony of the bedroom, there are wicker chairs that provide a comfortable place to relax. The glass balustrades allow for an uninterrupted view.

A practical wooden bar space is constructed atop the transparent balustrades, with comfortable wicker stools for seating and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

The Villa Niscala boasts a stylish industrial vibe with its prominent concrete structures and serene poolside lounging space.

The swimming pool is surrounded by lush foliage that creates a sense of seclusion. The greenery acts as a natural barrier, offering privacy to those enjoying a swim.

The combination of rich wooden accents adds a touch of warmth to the otherwise cool and grey aesthetic.

Situated between the cozy living room sofa and a wooden media unit are adorable wooden coffee tables. The space is adorned with a monochrome area rug that adds a touch of elegance and flair to the room with its geometric pattern.

The kitchen is accompanied by a formal dining space situated behind the lounge.

A set of six black dining chairs perfectly complement a sleek black table, providing ample seating for any dinner party.

The kitchen is built with sturdy concrete cabinets.

The use of white wall render in the master bedroom gives it a calm and serene ambiance. The addition of mini pendant lights near the bed creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere with their soft glow.

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