“Unleashing Her Inner Cat Savior: A Woman’s Journey of Compassion and Care for Abandoned Persian Felines”

Meet Michelle, a cat lover from Japan who is known as the ’12 Cats Lady’ on Instagram. She is a proud owner of 12 Persian cats and manages to take care of them all by herself. Although it may seem chaotic to some, Michelle ensures that her furry friends are well-fed and happy. Her journey began when she rescued an abandoned kitten from the middle of the road and decided to adopt two more Persian cats. However, it turns out that the remaining nine were actually her children from the same litter. Rest assured, all her cats have been spayed and neutered to avoid any further breeding. Michelle’s love for her cats is evident in the pictures she shares on her Instagram page, where you can see each cat’s unique personality shining through. She doesn’t shy away from calling herself a ‘cat mom’ and hopes to break the stereotype associated with being a ‘cat lady.’ Check out her Instagram page and be prepared to fall in love with these adorable felines! Oh, and if you’re wondering how to get 12 cats to look at the camera, just show them their favorite toy made of feathers.

It is essential to have a nourishing meal prior to a photo shoot.

Two times

It’s always a great suggestion to offer your furry friends their preferred snacks.

Afterwards, the routine proceeds as per usual – a midday nap on their owner’s comfy bed.

Sometimes it’s okay to strike a pose.

During photo shoots, participants engage in playing some games.

Afterward, comes yet another break for relaxation.

How about taking a leisurely stroll in the garden? You never know, we might catch a glimpse of a beautiful bird!

Once that task is complete, it’s time to buckle down and focus on the challenging work of modeling.

Afterwards, the felines browse through the remarks left by their followers on Instagram. A few of them even tally the quantity of thumbs up they have received!

Being a famous feline can be quite challenging, but you’re willing to go the extra mile for your beloved owner.

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