“Unlikely Heroes: Meet the Canine Caretaker who Adopted a Brood of Orphaned Mice”

Stephanie Maldonado came to the rescue of a cluster of helpless baby opossums. She made sure to feed them every two hours, knowing that without maternal attention their survival was uncertain. But then something amazing happened – her dog stepped in and instinctively acted as their mother!

Pretinha the dog is fond of the baby opossums and vice versa as they enjoy crawling on her back for a playful ride. The adorable creatures hold on tight to their surrogate mother as she carries them around, ensuring their safety while having fun.

A bunch of juvenile opossums were left without a mother after she was assaulted and died.

A kind-hearted individual in Brazil stumbled upon some newborns with closed eyes and decided to take them in. The babies were fed every couple of hours with a bottle, and to the surprise of their caretaker, the family pooch took on the role of motherly figure.

In the footage shared by Viral Hub, the dog can be seen taking care of the kittens as if they were her own offspring. She shows the same level of love and attention to them as she would to her own litter.

The dog seems to be adjusting well to her new role as a surrogate mother to baby opossums. She even carries them on her fur during walks, just like some mammal moms do with their own offspring. It’s heartwarming to see the dog taking care of these little ones as if they were her own.

The young possums, also known as kids, are flourishing with the assistance of their new caretaker. Make sure to tune in to Inside Edition to witness their progress and growth.

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